Roseanne Sarah Ganley
Travel writer, blogger and adventurer. I am interested in developing spoken word performance works, collaborating with others and seeking new opportunities to travel and broaden my horizons as a writer.
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Listen up
Inspired by the piece Identity Glitch and it's raw and contextual visuals of the self, Listen Up explores the stigma surrounding mental health, the corruption of the system and ways forward.
Inspired by Identity Glitch
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Bursts of creativity
Inspired by Olivia FJ's piece "Live" I have in response, explored further, what it is to be human, in relation to our existence in this world, and how it feels to express our feelings through different mediums, in this case, in art form,
Inspired by Live!
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This painting 'Feeling' was inspired by my own thought processes and intense bursts of creativity during the darkest of days, giving order and structure to my life, hence why I have decided to pop this theme.
Inspired by Life, Essence...
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Just Breathe
An insight into the mind and a view of what it is like to be human and the products of our own existence, to be human is to feel alive, to experience life to the full and to ride through the storm of chaos in our minds.
Inspired by Human
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Expression de nuit
Expression de nuit (Expression of night) is a painting working with colour as a means of expressing the multitude of colours in a beautiful French sunset and a visual representation of the eloquence of the French language. Bon soir mes amis!
Inspired by Ooh La La!
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Inspired by the pop, this piece presents us with the fear of a post apocalyptic future on the horizon, leading us to rethink our religious and social status.
Inspired by What do you do...
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Creative Thoughts - part...
Respond to my poem in order to featured in an exhibition in Ipswich! Deadline: midnight 21st July This poem is exploring mental health and our personal relationships with the self. It reads: Burning bridges with the self taking necessary steps needed for recovery... Look into the window of your...
Inspired by The Pop
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Thoughts of the mind
The fragmented self in its most powerful and vulnerable state. The written word is the most powerful form of expression, leaving the self with the freedom to be open and honest in how being in this state of mind can cause us to have immense bursts of creativity.
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The sound of fury
The sound of fury depicts the current political state, how it is fragmented, and how the media influences us to think a certain way, manipulating the truth.
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Into the wild
Many of us find joy in seeking new landscapes, embracing solitude and being at one with nature.
Inspired by Tranquil
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Trespassers in mind
This spoken word piece explores the effects of living with depression. Our inner demons can be seen as trespassers of the mind, harnessing control.
Inspired by The weight of...
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Freedom of the open road
This piece was inspired by the "culture and diversity" challenge and is a visual portrayal of the relationship between the traveller and his, or her landscape and the endless freedom of the open road.
Inspired by Culture and...
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The struggle
Inspiration stemmed from Calva Louise's new single 'Cruel World'. The line from the song 'My foreign mind is strong' led me to explore how suffering can have good intentions, leading us to feel strong in a #cruelworld.
Inspired by Cruel World
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If only
Battling with many selves, the unnamed character falls into a stream of consciousness. The story projects the suffering of a young woman; it is up to you as the reader to perceive how the story ends.
Inspired by " Anatomy...
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To have a vision is to dream. I was inspired by the art of living and how we can express ourselves in many different forms, especially spoken word form, when talking about our passions and desires in life.
Inspired by What Can You...
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Spoken word | Have you...
Exploring the struggle for identity and our reasons for existence in this world, written and recorded in Wrabness Nature Reserve.
Inspired by The Unfamiliar...
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The Green Light
I have always been fascinated by our struggles for existence, our desires to be presented as a character in a novel and how it is possible to bring to life a narrative, in all its forms. This piece would be ideally presented and performed as a spoken word piece.
Inspired by Along the Way
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A visual representation of people as layers. The layers of coloured paper is symbolic of different personality traits. These traits are bursting with bright colours for all to see. I want people to question whether they see themselves as an observer/Flaneur, one that observes/watches the crowd from...
Inspired by People...
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Beyond the theatre...
A written/visual representation of the healing process of a young girl suffering from depression. The screen she hides behind unfolds and she is given a new meaning to life.
Inspired by Healing
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Atlas Mapping
A brief exploration of the violent relationship between victim and perpetrator of the recent Paris Attacks in 2015.
Inspired by I Don't Fit In!
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