Hava Gurevich
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Explosion of flavor
Inspired by the colorful textiles and bead work, a bright hibiscus bouquet
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Inspired by the landscape and vegetation in Sudan, with bright hibiscus undertones.
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Permeable Realms
I'm playing with ideas of growth and decay, neurons, roots, cells and perceived realities
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This is a piece about thrivability- the notion that life always finds a way. It is a celebration of nature and the living world.
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Apis Mosaic
This is my homage to bees, and other pollinators
Inspired by Just Bee Creative
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Arabian Nights
My process is to digitally combine my drawing style with my painting style by creating digital composites of my art, printing them onto canvas and using them as a starting point for a painting. In this painting I wanted to create an exotic and lush garden
Inspired by Tropical
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I wanted to create a colorful and graphic tropical design, using a minimal color palette.
Inspired by Tropical
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Moscow Summer
Inspired by the original painting, I wanted to recreate with digital color. The bright colors against a black background really brings out my Russian heritage.... as well as my love for warm lush tropical locations
Inspired by Paradise
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I wanted to create a lush garden full of color and texture.
Inspired by Tropical
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Cambrian Reef
I am fascinated by the fantastic shapes and colors of coral reefs, as well as the life forms that existed in pre-historic times. My work is also inspired by the bright complementary colors seen in the tropics
Inspired by Tropical
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