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Exploits (i)
Looking through the site and stumbling cross Laura's video collage made me think about how collaging was such a fun and surreal medium. For me it is really a medium of play and experimentation.
Inspired by Speaker
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a nest of its own kind
Belonging is the comfort of being watched by all the strange things that surround us.
Inspired by #ibelong18
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House Cyanistes
The descripition of Bluetits as having ‘cobalt wings’ and being ‘natures flute’ just triggered something. I’ve been using Heraldry as a framework recently and this was the result.
Inspired by To the Birds
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The Warren Prince
Rabbits are woven into the folktales of many cultures. They are tricksters, symbols of fertility and luck, I tried to strip this back to a simple image, but the nature of the process means the path of the yarn is knotted and twists recording unseen information.
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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