Louise H Todd
Conceptual artist specialising in site specific response, who relishes the opportunity to immerse and lose herself within the creative portal of discovery. The form of expression can change, dependent on the situation and materials available, including writing. Photography features heavily, capturing beauty within everyday life and often the starting point within absorption.

Keeping a completely open mind, freed from any preconceived ideas, she is ready to explore and develop the multitude of ideas that spring from new input. Creating work to interpret sights/sites, sounds and occurrences that focus on the indeterminate qualities inherent in the overlooked and unobserved, hidden in full sight, such as a puddle, discarded object, reflection or shadow; embracing the Japanese tradition of Wabi Sabi (an aesthetic view of transience and the beauty of imperfection).

“Through my practice I want the subject to not only be seen, but felt by the onlooker, to see what I see. Ambiguous qualities in my work are important, they are a journey of visual and experienced feelings.”
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I photograph a thought process, of response to the subject, a concept.
Inspired by Human
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Shattered Dreams
The original piece of work, a pot, was made with plaster and scrim; then decorated with ink. It was then thrown to the floor to symbolise and express my frustration at an unsatisfactory grade. I then photographed the damaged pot. When I looked at Cárcel by Alvaro Sanchez, I saw a...
Inspired by Niji #4
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Frozen I
Sights unseen on a frosty morning walk
Inspired by Medis...
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