Nicky Havey
Hey everyone, I hope that you're all well!

I am an electronic music producer, mainly making drum & bass music but diving into other genres occasionally too!

I usually make songs to reflect my moods or events that have happened in my life and sometimes this coincides nicely with PopMyMind themes and I can draw inspiration from this platform.

I hope you enjoy some of the music I post here. Black Hole and Skyway Meadows are getting released on an EP with Allowance Records on Jan 19th 2016 :)

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Nicky Havey - Black Hole
This one is based on the feeling of loneliness I felt when I came back from travelling and the fear of being alone. I know I'm not but when I spent a few weeks with the same people and you get to know them on the amazing journey we went on, to come back to an empty house, feels like a black...
Inspired by Fear
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Nicky Havey - Skyway...
I have been back home for just over a week and after uploading my pictures from my 50 day journey around the USA & Canada, I felt a bit sad and reflective and started making this track. It's called Skyway Meadows as one of the last places I was at was called "Meadows in the Sky...
Inspired by Sadness
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