Gretchen Warsen
I grew up in rural Maine where the weather and raw landscape made their impression on me and continue to be a source of inspiration. As a painter, freelance graphic designer, and full-time mom, I now live in Massachusetts with my husband, two girls, a nervous Bernese Mountain dog, a sassy calico cat, and a typical guinea pig.
When I'm making an abstract piece, on a good day, I try to start with a little prayer to quiet my mind. I usually go into the studio with something in my head--an image or an idea from my day--like the way the sun hit the grass on my walk that morning--then I start mixing colors, drawing, making marks and washes. After that, it's a restless process of opaque and transparent layering, wiping out, drawing over, and wiping out again... until the very end, when I make lots of quick decisions. The painting is done when I don't feel restless anymore.
I've started working on paper--watercolor paper, Yupo paper (which is really cool, everyone should try it--like painting on a combination of rubber and plastic) and mixed-media paper using gouache, pencil, gel pens, crayons, watercolor and acrylic. I've been making all kinds of "creatures" and inventions--inspired by patterns and textures of feathers, leaves, sun, shadows and whatever else catches my eye each morning. I feel like this is the kind of work I could do forever--it's not work, it's too fun!
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3-Minute Blue
Quick-sketch play with a couple of shades of blue and some pink.
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3-Minute Blue
Quick-sketch play with a couple of shades of blue and some pink.
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Ten Colors
So much fun to do a quick piece in 10 minutes! I gave myself the assignment to use 10 colors in 10 minutes since I usually work with a limited palette.
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Storm Passing
This piece is created working wet on wet with drawing elements and some layering and wiping away. I'm always inspired by organic elements of nature and this "popped" piece, Storm System and the lovely use of blue.
Inspired by Storm System,...
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