My name is Sophie Meakin and I am a 21 year old English Student in my third year at University Campus Suffolk. I am really passionate about the arts and enjoy both writing and drawing.
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Beneath the Surface
My inspiration arose from Emily Godden's 'Medis Informacija'. I loved the image and this is just something I created as a result of it. I didn't intend for it to turn out that long, so apologies!
Inspired by Medis...
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Frozen Web
The inspiration for this photograph spurted from Rick Fawcett's pop, 'Leaves'. The image was captured in my back garden this morning, the sunlight bursting through the cobweb really caught my eye!
Inspired by leaves
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Kaleidoscopic Depths
My inspiration flared from Jake Lucas' 'Deep sea' and Joanne Chan's 'Utopia'. I like the idea of the openness of the ocean and the tranquility it projects. I used pencils to create the piece and then played around with the colours online.
Inspired by Deep sea
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