Skye Couzens
I like to work with things that are personal to me such as emotions and experience. My work is based on my personal life and I represent that through drawing / painting.
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Some quick sketch studies of random eyes experimenting with different expression and emotion
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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Pencil on paper eye drawing inspired by emotion
Inspired by Fear
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Eye 3
Another eye drawing inspired by emotion
Inspired by Sadness
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At the moment I am also photographing moments that capture my mood - aka sadness in this one, through somebody else
Inspired by Sadness
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Eye 2
Eye drawing inspired by anxiety/fear (how I was feeling at the time)
Inspired by Fear
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Commission work
Commission of an eye I did for somebody
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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Sub Conscious
"Sub Conscious" is a calm and expressionless painting. It is hard to describe exactly how I was feeling, but as the title describes I strongly go with the fact that emptiness plays a major role within the painting. It is neither a happy or sad picture, however. The faded painting style I...
Inspired by 1 Hour...
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Evening Blues
This painting represents a lot of things, mostly the experience I had while I was there and illustrates the water’s natural formations against the boats and other objects in the water. I used deeper shades of blues and purples to not only show the time zone but also the serenity and...
Inspired by Two Planets
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Mythical Evening
"Mythical Evening" was originally a palette from another painting, however I thought it would be interesting to mix the remaining colours together to create a textured painting of its own. With this I loved how some of the colours blended together and others stood out creating lighter and...
Inspired by Two Planets
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Rhythmic Intensity
“Rhythmic Intensity” illustrates the current euphoria I was feeling while painting this picture. It is a happy painting, and it expresses the freedom I had with the canvas size and colour. I had no “decided” image in my head as to what it would look like – as it goes...
Inspired by I see a...
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