Lauren Brunt

The creative practice of Lauren Brunt uncovers and captures the hidden history of our British countryside. Her screen-prints show the landscapes palimpsest and reveals the disappearing past held within the land. It is through her passion for historical reenactment that has brought Lauren to search and capture the historical importance of our landscape and society. With the use of photographic overlays and screen-printing techniques her representations of the landscape show an unseen and ghostly layer of societies past on our surroundings.

Her other works surround the use of classic photographic methods of darkroom experimentation and cyanotypes, and printing methods including monoprinting. Combining nature and her practical processes of creating art to show the differences within nature and the personal qualities they may hold.
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Opening Passageway
The journey and creation of a cyanotype is exciting but uncertain with its outcome. It is though the process of the work that links itself to the 'Weary Traveller' with unknown result after its journey.
Inspired by Weary Traveller
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What Seems Unnatural
There was something about Olivers photograph that jumped out at me like many of the landscapes I capture and recreate. The unnatural phenomena we experience are sometimes only captured by the eye or by the eye of another object. But the way we change that phenomena with our own eyes and creativity...
Inspired by Purple...
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