Ilie Mihali (b.1976 in Maramures, Romania) graduated in 1999 from the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca and a year later completed the Post-Graduation studies at University of Arts Bucharest. He lives and works in Ipswich, UK.

Collective mind (Acrylic on canvas at the Ipswich Town Hall 2013) is his most recent body of work that aimed to engage and enhance the perception of reality.
An interference of multiple layers and intersected lines are the dominant characteristics of this collection of paintings.
The inspiration is diverse and puzzled like life itself. The visual syntax is often so restricted that the reality is all but denied or reduced to be merely a sensation, often the illusion is much closer to the truth.

Solo exhibitions:
Ipswich Town Hall (Acrylic on canvas 2013),
Tempo Art Bucharest (Acrylic on canvas 2013),
Open Studio Bucharest, (Acrylic on canvas 2001).

Group exhibitions:
At The Freudian Sheep Gallery, Ipswich;
MAD? (Acrylic on canvas, February 2016),
Who's Coming For Tea? (Acrylic on canvas, March 2016),
WISH YOU WERE THERE? (Acrylic on canvas, April 2016),
Yum! (Acrylic on canvas, May2016),
Reflection, (Acrylic on canvas, June 2016),
The Sheep's Greatest Hits, (Acrylic on canvas, August 2016)

Colonia Artistilor Baia Mare, Romania (Ceramics 1999),
Studentfest Timisoara, Romania, (Ceramics 1999, 1998 and 1997),
Cotroceni Museum Bucharest, Romania (Ceramics 1998).
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Layers of interference, contrasting elements.
Inspired by The Hungry...
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Layers and intersections, transparencies and reflections. “Gate” is an invitation in. It’s a point of entrance into a condensed space, an illusion of 3dimensional world produced by a multitude of translucent layers and lines. The sensitive application of paint is differentiated...
Inspired by Heroes
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Melted Geometry
Turning and returning to abstract.
Inspired by Enter The New...
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Glowing Blue
Painting, process of purification.
Inspired by Silk Road
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