Yael Flexer
Yael Flexer is an award-winning choreographer based in Brighton, UK. Her work is primarily concerned with interaction, connecting with an audience on a human and visceral level. The work has a subtlety that is apparent in the movement choices, wry humour and informal on-stage dialogue between performers and the audience. Works play with the space in-between formal and informal presentation, driven by fast-paced movement, intricate patterning and tight choreographic structure whilst also reflecting on the overlapping between performance and the everyday. The apparent informality and simplicity of presentation engenders an intimacy between performers and audience members allowing for boundaries to spill over and the here and now of performance to resonate.
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Disappearing Acts
We challenge the Pop My Mind community to respond to this footage of 'Disappearing Acts'. Create and upload brand new work in response to this dynamic content by 4th NOVEMBER in order to be considered for an exhibition held in the Whistler Gallery, DanceEast. Standing at the forefront of dance...
Inspired by The Pop
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