Emily Godden

Emily Godden’s practice is currently focused around printmaking stretched into its broadest sense of existence to explore, document and translate both physically and naturally occurring traces through the medium of print.

In recent work she has used sound as a mechanism to transmit data and communicate traces to exploit the essence of print in a post-digital landscape.

Living in Ipswich Emily Godden is currently studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at UCS and has exhibited work at Tate Britain, Spike Island, Firstsite, The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and was recently shortlisted for the Batsford Prize for Fine Art.
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// LOOKOUT // is a virtual reality experience placing the spectator inside the Isle of Skye Bothy which I discovered on a trip with Roseanne Ganley as part of Think Travel. The VR experience allows users to experience a simulation of an actual wild location on our coastline. >>Headphones are...
Inspired by Think Travel
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Arbor is a virtual reality tree experience where users are encourage to lay down. The 360 Virtual Reality experience will be available online soon.
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Arbor virtualis
Point of view shot using a GoPro Camera inside an Oculus Rift HMD viewing a virtual tree.
Inspired by Into the forest...
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Media extensions
A discussion of the extension of the screen within the theatre of the digital broadcast of the self.
Inspired by Beyond the theatre...
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Medis Informacija
Medis Informacija is an Etching print (59.4 x 84.1 cm) which works with data from the surface of a tree from Nida, Lithuania.
Inspired by Wood
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Comet 67P Surface...
Comet 67 P Surface Feedback is a printmaking project to document two surface sections of Comet 67 P. By using images of two of the proposed landing sites of the Comet I was able to create a 62 cm x 61 cm etching onto dibond aluminium. I was initially intrigued by the lines embedded into the...
Inspired by Two Planets
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