Monique de Brock-Bol
Dutch amateur photographer.
love to manipulate my B&W images.
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When you see Tulips you think of the spring.
Inspired by Spring
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I was inspired from the beautiful image " Signs of Spring" made by Felicity Borwick. Yes, I am longing for the Spring, the first beautiful young and fresh green colored leaves are there. We must wait a little longer for the next Season.
Inspired by Signs of Spring
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Environment is a hot topic 2019. Environment is a topic from our past and our future. Environment is our Ying and Yang. We humans all have environmental rights, the environmental and nature-related aspects must be protected for the future.
Inspired by Hot Topics...
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The hottest topic of 2019 is the Brexit. It is almost 12 o'clock for the Brexit. This image is made from 10 layers of images. Some images of well known buildings from Europe, Anatomium from Belgium, Eifeltower from France, Reichstag from Germany, Big Ben from England and the Tulips from the...
Inspired by Hot Topics...
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I am inspired by the image Travel made by F. My mind is traveling in to the misted deep to reflect my thoughts.
Inspired by travel
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Not black and white but...
When walking in a mist I can contemplate my thoughts of life. Life is not only black (wrong) & white (good) but there is also a big area of grey.
Inspired by Monochromia
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Delicate hairs contra barbed wire.
Inspired by Fragile
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New life
I was inspired by the title of the poem from Luke Mayo. New life growing on a old tree stump.
Inspired by New Life, New...
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"Tears" for the people who died on Sulawesi. I wish to pay a sincere tribute to these victims and to express my solidarity with their families and friends.
Inspired by Read All About...
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A cloudy evening
I was inspired by the beautiful oilpainting "The early morning" from Jennifer Sendall. Despite the dark clouds I feel serene and peaceful. The birds flying in freedom out of the box. I can feel the wind on my face and enjoy life.
Inspired by Early Morning,...
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Rippling water
I am inspired by the beautiful image 'Serenity ' from Carlos Fernandes Art The end of the day near Hatertse/ Overasseltse Vennen Image made from 3 layer and framed
Inspired by Serenity
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I was inspired by a watercolor from Rebecca Freeman. Her "Tranquil" watercolor is very beautiful and peaceful. Hatertse en Overasseltse Vennen is a serene quiet lake near Nijmegen. Sometimes I only hear the wind when I enjoy a hike near the lake, I enjoy the silence and I can enjoy...
Inspired by Tranquil
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Dance Of Death from Leslie wright inspired me for my image the Boogie.
Inspired by Dance Of Death
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Jason Nunn inspired me with his beautiful image "Daydreamer". Also the " Blood moon" inspired me to make this image. My dream was when I see the 'Blood moon" then I have to make an image of an person staring over the water reflections and enjoy the moon and our amazing...
Inspired by Daydreamer
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Light in the dark world
"Light in the dark world" No matter what after a dark period there is always some light.
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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Life is.............?
Life is...........? The music of Fragile from Thaffy inspired me. Sometimes the world is upside down. The world is differently what we think we see and what is real?
Inspired by Fragile
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Embrace the sun
I am inspired by the amazing poem " Drawn to the Dark" of Luke Mayo.
Inspired by Drawn to the...
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Dark woods
I was Inspired by the beautiful poem "Strong Roots" made by Luke Mayo. Image is made from 5 layers,
Inspired by Strong Roots
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On foot
2 people walking! You only see the movement, so you can imaging your own story with this photo.
Inspired by Walking in the...
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Walking through...
Walking through different dimensions. This image is taken in the Gemeente museum The Hague, The Netherlands . A museum that shows us a lot of modern art but also paintings of the old Dutch masters. Some of the modern art is inspired by the old Dutch art.
Inspired by Walking in the...
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Escaping the frame.
Escaping the frame! I am inspired by a fantasy world. The rabbit escaping the narrowing picture, as in Alice in Wonderland.
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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Little Red Ridinghood
Little Red Ridinghood walking in dark forrest. For this image I used 4 layers of images. I worked with Photoshop CC, ON1 photo raw 2018 and FX photo studio. Also I used the app 5000 brushes
Inspired by never-never...
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The Kiss
The image of Karis Lambert, Transfiguration and the image of T.M.A. Disconnected connections inspired me, The movement of the figures in both images are superb. For this image of kissing people I used intentional camera movement (ICM).
Inspired by Transfiguration
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Enhanced photography
This is an old picture I made near the Notre Dame, Paris. I like street photography of other artist, but not made by me. That is why I use ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) 😉 With PS CC I made the negative image!
Inspired by Recycle/Reinven...
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Dark Mood
I am inspired by Karis Lambert, Empty tension. This image is made out of 3 layers, by 2 layers I used ICM (Intentional Camera Movement).
Inspired by Empty Tension
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The weather is getting warmer, life become softer.
Inspired by softness
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Eye catcher
Digital photo made from 3 layers, the eye, the Physalis and the frame.
Inspired by Eye 3
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It is sad to see these trees cut short. I hope there will be new branches and new life. Nuth, the Netherlands
Inspired by Nameless...
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anonymous people
A group of people walking in a corridor .
Inspired by Union
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Walking in the fog
Walking in the fog, fog makes the world smaller and peaceful, his thought are with his family and friends.
Inspired by Olores
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Strolling people
People walking in a shopping mall.
Inspired by Human
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Walking to the light
ICM photo, made from 6 layers
Inspired by In the...
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My foggy world
I can just see the peaceful highlighted world
Inspired by In the...
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Image out of the frame, bench solitary and relaxing
Inspired by In the...
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Enjoying Autumn
Enjoying autumn
Inspired by The Wind in...
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Strollers movement
Intentional camera movement
Inspired by Passersby
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Today is a somber and rainy day I long for a beautiful day with a lots of light.
Inspired by In the...
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The shadow man
Intentional camera movement in a narrow street in Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Inspired by Dark city
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Playing with a shadow
Inspired by In the...
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Out of the box
Sometimes a photo is limited by framing the image. I have tried to break the frame to show the whole tree stump
Inspired by Underfoot
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Photo made after the London terror. Their will be always light in these somber days.
Inspired by In the...
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Stand alone
This is a blur B&W image of a person with a shadow.
Inspired by Alone
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In the spotlight!
Image with a black background and light, photo made with 4 layers.
Inspired by Nicky Havey -...
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B&W image of geese out of the box
Inspired by travel
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Isolated, lonely, trying to break throught
Inspired by Soulmate
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never-never land
This out of the box image, is made by different layers.
Inspired by FOREST in17
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Dark city
intentional camera movement
Inspired by Mindful in the...
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