Elika Bo
Experimental visual artist
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Image created on the scanner, layered paint, make up. NO EYES, NO SOUL TO LOOK AT. Digital soul, representation of my own identity on the social media.
Inspired by Ella
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Dreaming whilst awake
This work was created by using a scanner. Painting directly on used glass, and using materials found in my surroundings. Seeing faces, and shapes, when they are not there, bringing some interesting feelings back from the dreams from the night before, inspired this work. The use of paint, was to...
Inspired by Dare to Dream
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Tropical appearance
After deciding, that tropical and paradise, does not only mean beautiful nature, clear blue sky, but it can also mean something forbidden, unknown and something that is desired, I have decided to use a scanner as a tool, to create an image of constant layering technique. Directly painting on the...
Inspired by Tropical
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