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Morning Flowers
The entire collection inspired me! But Dulcie Wagstaff contrast between the two photo's brought me to a place of comfort. Which help me create this sound. A tune you'll loved to hear waking up from a dream of flowers.
Inspired by Exploration and...
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Lotus Bloom
Use the powers given to us by the universe. Make our dreams & thoughts into reality. Sound is energy.
Inspired by Dare to Dream
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When smelling a fragrance or anything in particular, it'll often bring you joyful or cringe-worthy memories of that specific scent in the past. Or you can also make new ones for the future.
Inspired by Pop a Fragrance
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Palm Trees
Rebecca's 3 minute art challenge was just captivating! As a watercolour art fanatic, I had to make a tune fitting for the scenery. For any artist to envision their art, then paste their imagination on a blank canvas within 3 Minutes is simply talented.
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When you think of make-up you think "Pageantry" ... When you think Pageantry, you think Miss Universe.
Inspired by Pop a Product
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A "Gauntlet" to escape reality.
Inspired by Cárcel
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