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Lava Flowers
Eruptions, explosions & the volatility of nature can all be describe and visible by one object which is the growth and evolutionary beauty of a flower.
Inspired by Eruptions,...
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Love Hz
Union = Love Love = Union
Inspired by Union
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Soul Temple
To be "Human" is the to have the knowledgement that your soul and body are one. We live to fulfill our lifes journey and purpose. Once completed we move on to the next vessel. - Haze
Inspired by Human
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Morning Flowers
The entire collection inspired me! But Dulcie Wagstaff contrast between the two photo's brought me to a place of comfort. Which help me create this sound. A tune you'll loved to hear waking up from a dream of flowers.
Inspired by Exploration...
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Lotus Bloom
Use the powers given to us by the universe. Make our dreams & thoughts into reality. Sound is energy.
Inspired by Dare to Dream
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When smelling a fragrance or anything in particular, it'll often bring you joyful or cringe-worthy memories of that specific scent in the past. Or you can also make new ones for the future.
Inspired by Pop a Fragrance
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Palm Trees
Rebecca's 3 minute art challenge was just captivating! As a watercolour art fanatic, I had to make a tune fitting for the scenery. For any artist to envision their art, then paste their imagination on a blank canvas within 3 Minutes is simply talented.
Inspired by 3 minute...
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When you think of make-up you think "Pageantry" ... When you think Pageantry, you think Miss Universe.
Inspired by Pop a Product
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A "Gauntlet" to escape reality.
Inspired by Cárcel
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