Julius Kalamarz
The work of Julius Kalamarz is inspired by the arcade anthems of a Reagan-era adolescence. And the boy who laughed when he lied. And the girl who ate a live bee. And the woman who pissed on the hood of her boyfriend's Camaro. Ribbons of Zoo. Carnivals of boom. Bat-shit-crazies, all of them.

He received his MFA (fiction) from Columbia University. His work has appeared in Opium Magazine, DIAGRAM, The Los Angeles Review, zimZalla, Ninth Letter, Black & BLUE, and elsewhere. His work has been exhibited in New York, London, and his hometown of Milwaukee, WI.

You can view more work here:
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Portrait of a Dadaist
I like the open honesty and minimalism of Hannah's photograph. It reminds me of Dadaist work that is at once fierce yet vulnerable. I tried to create that in an illustrated portrait.
Inspired by memory
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Entropic Film Score
I found myself transfixed by the rhythms and repetitions of the lyrical and asemic-like writing in Laure Van Minden's "Score for Sadness." The exercise of closing one's eyes during the process of creation, as the artist has done in this piece, is, I believe, a profound practice that I...
Inspired by Score for...
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Always On or Celebratory...
The underlying textures immediately drew me to "Chroma," along with its minimalist shapes, stark colors, and playful field of focus. I found it soothing on its surface and compelling in its invitation to lose yourself within its depths. Upon seeing the piece, my first thought was of a...
Inspired by Chroma
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At Odds with Our Usual...
This piece is from a series which seeks to call attention to the subtle absurdities inherent within language and our cultural narratives at large. Prevalent themes of love, revolution, literature, film, the Cold War, the Space Race and 1980s / 90s pop culture are explored in a series of...
Inspired by Feeling
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The Siege of Prairie du...
This piece is part of a larger series (POP MARXIST: PUT THE CULT IN CULTURE), which examines the ways in which we form relationships with the hyperbolic messages and idealized images glamorized within mainstream international fashion magazines, television, and cinema. We seek solace and in these...
Inspired by Formation
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