Julie O'yang
I'm an Europe-based Chinese novelist and visual artist.
In my art, I use classic ink techniques, brush and ink on Chinese paper to record the way of energy movement. Moreover, I have added the unique temperament of each and every brush stroke for them to become part of me and my way of seeing the world, because only then this ancient Oriental art form can live again through me. So in that way, my art also aims to destroy the classic techniques.
My inspiration often comes from literature and music.
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(Trieste and) The...
Be a member of the nation of nowhere. To laugh easily. To be easily grateful. To be never mean. To form a mighty mind.
Inspired by Think Travel
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Water, balance
"Heart" written in Chinese character represents a figure (an acrobat?) juggling with water and keeping it in balance. Tranquility is achieved when concentration is strong and our heart is big (our thoughts are small).
Inspired by Tranquil
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"Tranquility" written in Chinese character represents a reclining female figure. Her mind is in motion smd approaching the best way to be.
Inspired by Tranquil
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The Portrait of Dorya...
The Portrait of Dorya Glenn is the cover photo of the photo novel I'm currently working on together with Belgian photographer Filip Naudts. The title refers to Oscar Wilde's philosophical novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Photography: Filip Naudts Model: Julie O'yang
Inspired by Culture and...
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Simba and the return of...
Using Simba's blue blended in the mystertious fingerprint, this piece might refer to climate change.
Inspired by What Can You...
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The day enters our room...
The day enters our room as question marks is a collaboration of Julie O'yang and Sebastion Buttrich.
Inspired by The day enters...
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The day enters our room...
"The day enters our room as questions marks" was made in collaboration with Sebastian Büttrich. We were inspired by Dunhuang Cave murals on the Silk Road and wanted to bring back the ancient "flowing" art techniques to life. Duanghuan Caves were discovered by the English...
Inspired by What Can You...
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Love you to eternity
This piece is meant as a talisman and involves different symblism, for example the doves and the fishnet. Two love birds protected by the Chinese character "bai", meaning a hundred years. Love has been shrouded in mystery. Here is Shostakovitch's Tea for Two:...
Inspired by T42 (tea for...
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The identity of Data
Data adds concrete information, but big data is also thin. It can never replace experience and cultural understanding.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Mythology series No.2 -...
This is one of the works in my Mythology series. Size: 69x69cm. In this piece, I have used Chinese characters for "Twitter", "truth", "cow" and "horse" to create Trump's portrait. "Putting a cow's head on a horse's mouth" is a Chinese idiom for...
Inspired by #EuropeEdition
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Cthulu series No.1 (Fear...
“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
Inspired by Paris Attacks
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Is this piece about global warming? Or an elusive moment that you never forget? Or the tears that make you braver?... I don't know. Once again I found it hard to choose from mood and emotion box. My work is about "inbetweenness".
Inspired by Water
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Heavy Metal -- tribute...
Metal is romanticly dark and darkly romantic.
Inspired by Metal
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No title
These Chinese characters are hidden in the image: Wind picks up, storm, I, Turn danger into peace. PS: I didn't know which mood or emotion to choose from. My artworks depict "inbetweenness".
Inspired by A Formation of...
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Change: the shapeshifter
This piece is made of many layers of thoughts, with the Chinese character "Change" 變 floating to the surface. And its appearance is based on the famous 16th century shapeshifter Sun Wukong, commonly known as Monkey King. I'm new here. Let this be my introduction as well as my first...
Inspired by Change
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