Sat Biswas
I am still searching for the right alphabets to describe me & my eccentricities. You can best say that I am a Visual Storyteller with an abstract mind.
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In search of Water - The...
In search of Water - The Walk is a part of my documentary series called "The Hungry Tides" which is again based on environment and water . Specially the scarcity of drinking water in the largest delta of the world called 'The Sunderbans', based in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The irony of...
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In search of Water
A series very closer to my heart. A series which happened out of no where. I still remember, how the car stopped and how the group of nomad children ran to us with thirst. Thirst for Water. Later i come to know that they have crossed miles from their village in search of "Drinking...
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Māyā is a spiritual concept connoting "that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal", and the "power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality". But how is Māyā relevant in the Tropical context? It is extremely...
Inspired by Tropical
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Window of Her Soul
"I can see the Rain, Papa. I can feel them. Let the windows open and let me touch those tiny droplets, one by one..." And i know now that my Ira, my beloved differently able daughter has opened those windows, forever. I can see those hints of lights coming through. I can see my Ira's soul...
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The Hungry Tides
While approaching Chotto Molla Khali, in the Sunderban delta,Mandal the fisherman explained his situation. Yes, the situation with the river had worsened, but his concerns were far more serious. “There is no fish,” he says. What? “There is fish, yes, but we are running out of...
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In search of Water
In search of Water is the depiction of a search for water within the vast expanse of the blue seas. The irony of those who lives in the remotest fishing village out there in the islands of Sunderbans, in Bengal, reminds Coleridge's famous verse from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner ..."Water...
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Hysteria is an expression out of a deep Fear. A fear of entrapment, hidden within the surface of limitations we live with. stylistically the attempt is to free the Narrative from the Style and "to free photography from subservience to the language of words","that stood in opposition...
Inspired by Prelude to War
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Ira Can Fly
Ira is my differently able daughter. A beautiful daughter who has so much expressions that i often refer her as my "Butterfly". But She was fearful. Fearful to try to talk. Fearful of any sort of darkness. Fearful to express herself to others. and this is where our journey began: a father...
Inspired by Let's Talk
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Short Story with Susie
Short Story with Susie depicts the rich travesty of a light travelling through Susie like a fallen leaf creating an opulent memoir of an autumnal bliss. Within the hustle bustle of urban life it is that sacred memory, spent in a moistness of love and longing that becomes an object of Opulence.
Inspired by Opulent
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Tears of May.
Tears of May is carved out of the immense pain and loss we are increasingly witnessing in the world of Humanity. Every blood shed and every blood we will be shedding is not an avenge to the death or destruction around us but a murder of our own human identity and existence! It torments the heart to...
Inspired by The Manchester...
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Ballad of an Ancient...
The windows of the houses - even if the house is ramshackle - are always beautiful because windows represent light! And Light is all we require us to heal.
Inspired by Healing
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Wu Xing.
Water is one of the elements in ancient Greek philosophy, in the Asian Indian system Panchamahabhuta, and in the Chinese cosmological and physiological system Wu Xing. In contemporary esoteric traditions, it is commonly associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition. Water was one of many...
Inspired by Earth
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Emma's Window
This piece is inspired by two artists. One is the original work of Karis Lambert and another is the pop on this by Steve Appleton. This work tries to show how a non biological process by which a human form, surreally develops , involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the body to...
Inspired by Metamorphosis
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Durga - The Flawed...
नमस्तेशरण्येशिवेसानुकम्पे, नमस्तेजगद्व्यापिकेविश्वरूपे। नमस्तेजगद्वन्द्यपादारविन्दे,...
Inspired by Eyes
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Stillness of a Time
Time eludes us and we are all running to hold a slice of it or trying to keep the pace with it. And at times what we do not realize that the Time passes away leaving behind it's traces in so many ways within our rushing lives. And at times we find those hidden traces in a certain and yet uncertain...
Inspired by A Moment in Time
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Unforgiven is extracted from a personal sense of longing and desire untold and unspoken. It reflects so many unfinished and incomplete stories in our journeys towards life and love. This is a story of continuation of life but also about the memories which are never gone and forgotten, but maybe...
Inspired by Unfinished
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Wires were supposed to connect and bind Human Life. But increasingly wires have become the primary reason for disruption and fragmentation in Human Life. A world increasingly becoming anarchic and an uncertain dystopia overwhelming human lives.
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A Clockwork Orange
This work is inspired by Stanley Kubrick's iconic 1971 dystopian crime film, A Clockwork Orange. Author Anthony Burgess's own words in the introduction entitled "A Clockwork Orange Resucked," the title refers to a person who "has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and...
Inspired by Creativegrad
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Exile of the Blue's
Exile of the Blue's depicts the suffering of human exile and hunger of a fishing community around the deep blue ocean. The decadence and degradation of the environment in the Bay of Bengal due to frequent oil spillage, have made the sea unbearable and fishes dead and rare. Now this threatens the...
Inspired by Niji #4
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Syllables of Fear.
I can feel, Fear, like you. But i also could see how my fears develop into syllables and surrounding me into different intervals different kind of sounds. Sounds which again transports me into a visual journey. A journey consisting many uneven and even moments, occurring and reoccurring in its own...
Inspired by Formation
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By the Night.
By the Night is a poetry inspired by Sophie's poem Beneath The Surface.
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Olores is based upon a visual letter i had written to the love i have lost within the misty wintry morning of the Himalayan ranges in India. And love lost has a unique scent. A fragrance that could be felt within the flowing lonely wintry winds and the sounds of the fallen leaves of the birches and...
Inspired by Pop a Fragrance
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Memories of a Bed
Memories of a Bed is a part of my documentary project called " In Praise of Shadows", which depicts the visual journey of time, unspoken and unspent. And this piece is particularly inspired from Hannah's Memory, which provides an alter ego for a subliminal feeling of suppression and...
Inspired by memory
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Metamorphosis is based upon a Bengali Neo - Realistic film, The Mechanical Man, directed by Ritwik Ghatak, which talks about how the two world of existence collides and how humans and humanity are taking the shape and characteristics of Animal World and how Animals are metamorphosing into a...
Inspired by Poisonous Flower
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Songs of a whispering...
Songs of a Whispering Light is inspired by the musical piece "Whisperers". For me that wintry light which caresses her face, incandescently , as if whispering in love. In Joy. A celebration of a life unfolding!
Inspired by Whisperers
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The Hungry Tides
This piece of work is based upon the challenge " Think Travel". When i travel i always believe to "Think through the Heart" as it assists me to relate with the place where i travel. This particular photograph is based upon the documentary work i have done in the heart of the...
Inspired by Think Travel
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The Pilgrim's Journey
This piece of work is based upon the Pop "Silk Road". Silk Road is not a place but an idea. A thought and a philosophy that has shaped through the thousand of years connecting and binding millions of human lives and opening up the doors of hope, love, dharma and enlightenment . This...
Inspired by Silk Road
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Freedom Songs
This Pop is based out of "Tranquil". Tranquil is the most elevated state of Human mind when it is at one with the Nature and the natural state of existence. And to me this state could only be attained when we are free from all sort of bondage, that binds us or restricts us. Freedom is an...
Inspired by Tranquil
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To Kill a Mocking Bird
'To Kill a Mocking Bird' is inspired by the POP titled #CruelWorld . Its a deep protest against the shocking killing of Transgenders around the world. Its disturbing and grotesque and illustrates how our world is increasingly becoming cruel and divisive. Instead of contesting the orthodox and...
Inspired by Cruel World
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This POP is based upon "Empty Spaces" constructed by Alvaro Sanchez. What drew me into it is a sense of Exile. An exile which is deeply rooted within the form of mine state which is resulted by the apathy of the world around me. I see increasingly i am growing alone vastly due to the void...
Inspired by Empty spaces
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I do not Imagine.
This pop is based out of 'The Formation'. "I do not Imagine" is a creative based upon my relationship with Nature and Art. I feel that we have not created any new formation in the Human world and could imagine anew singly. Our entire philosophical, spiritual & creative process is a...
Inspired by Formation
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After The Butterflies...
This is how i could able to resonate to the POP - To Hell And The Woman He Loved "...So what happens 'after the butterflies are gone'? She asked. The truth is I'm getting old, I said. You were always old, she said without a sigh. What happens is that you don't feel it on the inside, but from...
Inspired by To Hell And The...
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Buddha Smiles
This POP which is based upon the POP 'Culture and Diversity' shows the use of symbols and metaphors within the ancient architectural heritage to portray the pluralism of culture. This Lotus which is a prominent cultural and religious symbol for Buddhism is surprisingly seen in a Mughal ( Islamic )...
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Deep inside the Sleep...
Deep within a Sleep is a reflection of a state of mind which is in an absolute bliss. We all want to be in that state and wake up with an inherent sense of happiness. And i have created this keeping in mind the Brand which promotes this pop Up.
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Missing Girls
The idea behind this is to highlight the Need for Change. An imminent Change is required within the society, intelligentsia, media and governmental agencies, the way we are dealing with Gender Displacements and subsequent issues like Girl Trafficking.
Inspired by Change
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