Ali Meadows
UK artist and designer, St. Martin's School of Art, London.
My work is concerned with the physical nature of surface, paint, ink and crayon which is explored through basic mark making, texture and simple interaction.

About my work
Current work uses minimalist and spontaneous marks that have a tactile quality, create texture and a sense of joy in the materials used.
Some pieces are reminiscent of logos or brandings and others use repeated images as a means of creating texture.
Each image holds a memory of how it was made: cutting, folding, polishing, splashing and weaving.
I use accident, chance and deconstruction, building a structure, then breaking it down again.
The work crosses the boundaries of fine art, graphic and surface design and I work with a variety of media and surfaces, including oils, inks, acrylics, water colour.
In 2011 I was diagnosed with severe m.e. which leaves me disabled and largely bed bound: it also informs the working processes I use.
Sometimes I am only able to work for a few minutes each day so the Images are simplified and distilled down to their essence. They are often built up over a period of time as a patchwork; the materials I use are accessible, basic and easy to handle: ready mixed inks, tools that don't need too much washing.
My career spans 35 years based in London and Gloucestershire; I currently work from my studio at home in Cheltenham, UK.
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Dissolving forms 01
My work explores surface, material and texture. This is one of a series of images looking at the formation and movement of ink on paper. The working process I use is concerned with the physical dynamics and interactions of materials: in this instance, shellac, acrylic inks and water reacting with...
Inspired by Formation
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Linen, cotton monoprint
Markings from natural fibres: linen and cotton, monoprint, 16"X 12". In response to Emily Godden's etching which recalls data trails and markings from wood bark.
Inspired by Medis...
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