Concept 23
Concept 23 was created to fuse the world of electronica with dub & abstract hip hop beats and grooves and anything in between. Influenced by the likes of “Prefuse 73”, “Audiotrix”, Boom Bip” and of course “Aphex Twin”. I began to start to build a collection of abstract electronic hip hop beats & breaks which has lead me to hear.
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Coded 01
This track is inspired by the dark and eerie vibe of What remains, in blue by Leanne Staples
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coded science 02
This track is a laid-back electronic track with a fragmented glitch running through the track to juxtaposition the soft keys and tone of the piece.
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Time Release
This experimental soundscape is inspired by Ruth's Glimpse 101. taking inspiration from the broken up and flowing movement of her piece of work
Inspired by Glimpse 101
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The sound of daylight
This piece is inspired by Mark Aaron's The ghost of daylight. reimagining the various sounds that you would her in the hustle and bustle of a train station.
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