Concept 23
Concept 23 was created to fuse the world of electronica with dub & abstract hip hop beats and grooves and anything in between. Influenced by the likes of “Prefuse 73”, “Audiotrix”, Boom Bip” and of course “Aphex Twin”. I began to start to build a collection of abstract electronic hip hop beats & breaks which has lead me to hear.
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This work was created by taking some screen shots of the original piece and manipulating them in an app on my phone before putting them together to create this new piece of visual work.
Inspired by Untitled03236
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FFF is my version of Drew Burretts Conditionality, by pausing the original video I then took screen shots of various sections which have then been manipulated and layered together to create this new take on the original along with a new piece of music.
Inspired by Conditionality
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Rainbow Dreams
Rainbow Dreams is inspired by Michelle Bowden's Data Flow. By taking a few screen shots of the original and then slicing them together and layering them up to make this hypnotising visual with a piece of abstract electronica over the top.
Inspired by DataFlow
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When It Comes Together
This piece of work is for the scale it up challenge to showcase a new original piece of visual work which could be used in many different types of scenarios from a back drop to a dance performance to the visuals for an interactive workshop. This piece is built up from many sessions of putting...
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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This is a bespoke piece of work created for the scale up challenge to show a longer version of my work which could be used in an installation situation or as a backdrop for a presentation or performance. made with generative elements from a collaborative art project that im part of.
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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She Looks Through You
This video is an experimentation of photography various art apps and video work all combined to create this experimental audio visual work. After various photos of the image on my computer screen I then used various apps on my phone to create different layers and compositions which were then put...
Inspired by "Urak...
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Out Run
This work is simply inspired by the beautiful colour and the bold geometric shape in Sarah Pooley's Red Flare piece of work. Only using the original photo and without adding any other images this visual is layered to create various tones and patterns made from the lines working against and with...
Inspired by Red Flare
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As we move through time
After first viewing the piece Moving by Monika. I thought about the flow and movement of dancers and then it got me thinking about Chinese writing and symbols which Monika's piece also reminds me of and I wondered if I could combine those two thoughts into a moving visual collage. After splitting...
Inspired by moving
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Paint Marks
I love the colours in this piece by Lindsay Elise Jolly and just wanted to make something in response to it that extends the beauty of the colours and the feeling in the work
Inspired by Fusion
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What we see when we cant...
An experimental pop in response to Dyanna @dyd_art Wave piece I decided to strip it back to a very minimal take on the piece and experiment with what you can't see as much as what you can see.
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Glitch Dream
Glitch dream is inspired from the piece Formation_2 by Chromo Valdez. After saving the original image I then chopped it up into various sections in photoshop and changed some of the tones of the original piece to create various tones of pink, which were then sliced together to create a new...
Inspired by Formation_2
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3 stripes
This is a short visual cut up video of three different Adidas logos which is to represent the classic three stripes of Adidas.
Inspired by Hijack a Brand
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Originally I was going to make a video of Monique de Brock-Bol's dark dreamy photograph until I read the description of what inspired her piece and thought it would be interesting to use all three pieces and see what I could do with them together, seeing that it was those two pieces that inspired...
Inspired by The Kiss
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Shadow Samples
This abstract audio glitch video is inspired by Munpook Luis untitled 03233 piece. Taking the full image and then cropping selected parts of the image Ive pieced this work together into a new audio visual experience replicating the calm and the hectic elements of the original piece into one new...
Inspired by Untitled03233
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Tropical transitions
This is a fusion of three of Michelle Bowden's pieces of work titled Tropical Expression 1,2 & 3 which I have taken and layered together and remixed into new blends and tones to create a new piece of work. Inspired by the beautiful colours and movement of Michelles original pieces I thought I...
Inspired by Tropical...
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This piece is in response to Munpook's Untitled03188 piece where ive taken the image and sliced it up and and layered it together and turned it into a moving glitched version of the original piece of work. This is my first experiment with visuals but something ill be experimenting again with....
Inspired by Untitled03188
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Give it a name
This is a still from the video created of Munpook's piece which I've flipped with some extra lines and I've tried to strip it back by using a lot of negative space to create a broken up feel of the overall piece. Creating two various takes on Munpooks piece, first with the digital video and now...
Inspired by Untitled03188
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Speak into the nght [...
This piece of artwork is the original piece of work to accompany the track by the same name.
Inspired by Untitled03186
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Speak into the night
This track is inspired by the overall glitched feeling of this piece of work by Munpook Lui. An original piece of music and artwork created in response to Munpook's piece
Inspired by Untitled03186
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Sounds So Free
This track is an electronic soundscape built up to ease the stresses of the mind and to help relax your thoughts.
Inspired by Creative...
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Natural frequencys
This track is inspired by the calm colours and the ghostly image of Sat biswas piece Maya
Inspired by Māyā
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No past connections
This piece of music draws straight from emotions
Inspired by Let's Talk
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Reborn reality
this track is inspired by the laid-back nature of Haze's Nightwing track.
Inspired by Nightwing
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coded science 02
This track is a laid-back electronic track with a fragmented glitch running through the track to juxtaposition the soft keys and tone of the piece.
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Time Release
This experimental soundscape is inspired by Ruth's Glimpse 101. taking inspiration from the broken up and flowing movement of her piece of work
Inspired by Glimpse 101
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The sound of daylight
This piece is inspired by Mark Aaron's The ghost of daylight. reimagining the various sounds that you would her in the hustle and bustle of a train station.
Inspired by The Ghost in...
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