Calva Louise
Calva Louise fuse surfy riffs to fuzzy grunge pop. They've been heavily tipped as one of the 'Bands to watch in 2017' and called the greatest indie rock band around right now by The Metro. Having toured with Spring King they're really making a name for themselves. "Not only are they near-impossibly tight while taking most of their cues from fast-tempo US punk (think Dead Kennedys rather than Ramones), frontwoman Jess Allanic's surf-rock guitar solos are pin-precise." - DIY Mag
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Cruel World
Get stuck into this exciting new challenge - to create artwork in response to a single from the band Calva Louise! This is the first challenge of its kind on Pop My Mind so we're looking forward to seeing what you create... Calva Louise are a punk band who have been described as fusing 'surfy...
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