Sam Spicer
Cambridge-based illustrator, exploring narratives and stories through their work. Find more of me at
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Oh! I Wanna Take Ya
Tropical makes me think of summer romance, chilled out 80s music and bright colours (title, of course, comes from The Beach Boys 'Kokomo')
Inspired by Tropical
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From A Stone
Most of the stresses and anxieties I have can be linked back to my hands. Being prone to RSI causes a lot of pain that feeds into fears of not being able to make work, or of never being able to make enough. And it's easy to feel betrayed by your own hands - why won't they make better work? why...
Inspired by Let's Talk
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Exploring the divide, bleed and crossover of artist and artwork, and the blurry edges where you end and your work begins.
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I was inspired by the snake-like shape of 'Portrait of Eternal Loneliness', and the idea of the Leviathan, a great serpent-like monster that encircles the world. A great unknowable creature lurking in the dark.
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Death Followed On The...
Inspired by the way diseases attached themselves to travellers and spread across the trade routes, side by side with culture and art.
Inspired by Silk Road
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would you let me go
a second piece following on from my first response, exploring the feeling I got from the song of the cruel girl being the singer herself, and the internal struggle
Inspired by Cruel World
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my foreign mind
to me the song feels like the cruel girl and the singer are one and the same, a mental struggle alongside a raw, explosive feeling sound
Inspired by Cruel World
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When I Sleep, My Mind...
The finished image from the piece I created for the 3 minute challenge
Inspired by When I Sleep, My...
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When I Sleep, My Mind...
Letting the dreams paint themselves, and the ink flow and follow its own paths the same way thoughts and inspiration do. --- Music is Moonstone Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Long Live The Queen
The king is dead, long live the queen
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Black As Night
Title comes from the colour name of the nail polish used for this piece. Inspired by Cenobites and latex fashion, a demon from my nail polish bottle.
Inspired by Pop a Product
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Lyrically Induced Agony
I was inspired by the artwork and the description of 'Sense the Sounds', and used music as a driving force for this piece. I think most people have a song or a piece of music that triggers painful memories for them, or some other negative emotional state. I wanted to capture this feeling of...
Inspired by Ignite The Mind:...
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Noveau Divine
We are beyond the new rich now, the world is home to the new divine, with wealth enough to make themselves gods.
Inspired by Opulent
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Bodies in Chaos
Dance is a chaos of bodies in motion
Inspired by Double Bill
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Open Water
I have a horror of deep, open water, and the things that could lurk beneath it.
Inspired by Nightmare
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Gender Revolutionary
We are in the midst of a revolution. The arbitrary lines and definitions of gender are breaking down, and soon there will come a time when we are free from all their constraints. People will be themselves. We will be human.
Inspired by Revolution
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With this piece I was thinking about the moment that inspiration strikes, the moment all the pieces come together. That 'Aha!' moment like a lightning bolt to the brain, sometimes enough to knock you off your feet.
Inspired by Igniting The Mind
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Auditory Learning #2
Second of two pieces inspired by the repetition, layering and stutter of the Auditory Learning sound piece. This one is more chaotic, responding more to the many layers and pieces of sounds patchworked together for the sound piece.
Inspired by Auditory Learning
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Auditory Learning #1
One of two images inspired by the layering, repetition and stuttering of sounds in the Auditory Learning piece of music.
Inspired by Auditory Learning
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Mental Ignition
"From the little spark may burst a mighty flame" - Dante
Inspired by Ignite
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Live Art #5
5 of 5 images created at the Birthday Exhibition in live collaboration with James Todino
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Live Art #4
4 of 5 images created at the Birthday Exhibition in live collaboration with James Todino
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Live Art #3
3 of 5 images created at the Birthday Exhibition in live collaboration with James Todino
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Live Art #2
2 of 5 images created at the Birthday Exhibition in live collaboration with James Todino
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Live Art #1
1 of 5 images created at the Birthday Exhibition in live collaboration with James Todino
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Refugee Crisis
The focus is always on the crisis, the wicked immigrants. What about those that actually need help?
Inspired by Refugee
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Sometimes the inability to articulate exactly what you wanted can affect the outcome even more.
Inspired by Paper jam
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Not Away, But Towards
The mood of 'Lift the Sadness' suggested to me a being moving into joy, bursting free out of the despair they had been trapped in, and escaping from it. They run, not away from their internal disaster, but towards a brighter future.
Inspired by Lift the Sadness
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Healing Hands
I suffer a lot from RSI and wrist pain, which for an artist is very frustrating as it can limit the amount of work I can make, and working too much can overstrain my hands and make me unable to work. So my response this time draws on personal experience and frustration, along with the hope for...
Inspired by Healing
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Inside & Out
I was inspired by Beauty Masked and the description of it, about the person people see not necessarily being the real person. Many times the person people don't see can be a huge contrast to the person they do, and it can even be painful for the person they're looking at to be two different...
Inspired by Beauty Masked
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Demons Down
For the challenge I just took instant inspiration from the music I was listening to, combined with some of the images around me that I use as a constant inspiration board. The result: a demonic warrior queen, all created in the time it took to listen to House Of Lords 'Demons Down' album.
Inspired by 1 Hour Challenge
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Anger as depicted by punk-inspired characters
Inspired by Anger
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