Joanne Chan
Graduated from London, Chelsea college of arts
Love imagination, finding the hidden picture and poem inside my body by putting them on the medium we can reach in the reality.
IG: escaperjo and joannechan

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Divine love
A reflection inside myself to the current situation on earth and on Mossy's painting. May the love and good thought always be with us and our earth. Like a good vibration, spread out and reconnected all of us together again.
Inspired by Storm System,...
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Just want to say a thanks to the elemental on earth.
Inspired by Nature Knows
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About a human, meditation, serenity and channel.
Inspired by Chinese...
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Boundary in the...
Story continues under the parallel universes. Lanesia, you come into my subconscious. And this is part of the reflection
Inspired by Lanesia
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One thing you can't hide is when you are crippled inside.
Inspired by Atlas Mapping
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This is inspired from a thought of healing. How human could be heal? I believe there's many different kind of methods but most of them and basically they could be developed from the same element- Love. And how far can it could be developed while we can't get this from other mankind? We love...
Inspired by Healing
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Stage Three
Stage Three itself is a process, a process of thinking. It visualises the abstract energy flow inside our body and mind while we are shocked by some fact. It is started by a question- What is the meaning of life? In my worldview, everything could be an illusion (we're addicted to the game of...
Inspired by Fear
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