Brad Crawford
Brad Crawford is a Fine Art graduate whose work is a visual response to today's Internet, with a particular interest in the communication and interaction of users on social networks. Taking inspiration from the fabrication of these social sites; his work comments on online identity and the subconscious alter ego exploring ways of existing digitally and exploiting online fakery. This work explores this alternative reality in which we immerse ourselves, plugged into the constant stream of information and influx of data. He embodies these connections as visual works, toying with distortion of the self and it's online environment through glitch art and digital painting.
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Just Save The Bee
Digital painting in response to the Save The Bees theme incorporating the Just Bee logo colours (higher resolution image available)
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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Tropical Juice
Digital painting responding to the theme, 'Tropical'. Still life of tropical juice carton and glass. Because who doesn't love a refreshing glass of tropical juice.
Inspired by Tropical
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there's a massive skull...
Digital mixed-media piece responding to Alvaro Sánchez' work, '─ćarcel'. It is inspired by focal elements of Sánchez' piece, I then added my own digital design and humour to create this rather surreal outcome.
Inspired by Niji #4
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3 minute snooze
Response to the 3 minute challenge incorporating my personal daily routine. The first moments of my waking day, desperately trying to clutch onto those small moments of rest left before the day begins.
Inspired by What Can You...
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this one is more yellow
Digital painting of the work Golden Lampscape. A simplified version of the original using block colour and broad brush strokes to reimagine the look and feel in a different way.
Inspired by Golden...
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Vapor Waves Sonification
Reworking of Liam Taylor's upload Sonification Squared. The work is created using editing processes such as a wave tool to reinforce the original idea of Sarah Tappenden's Wave piece as an entirely digital concept. The overall feeling is a rather abient one, something of a Vaporwave aesthetic that...
Inspired by Sonification...
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'firewall' is a piece responding to the theme of Ignite. It is a glitch art piece of a distorted flame. The title chosen relates to the link between glitch art and the use of computers.
Inspired by Ignite
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Profile Picture
Repeated image represents not only the gulf of profiles on social networking sites and their users, but also the idea that although we use our digital outlets as a place to be unique, when online we all become the same. A number, a statistic in the system. We all interact using the same mediums,...
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Binary Glitch
Stock image of binary code put through a distortion process to render the image glitched. This work hints at when computer data goes wrong, the information stored becomes too much and distrupts the system.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Computer data chip on binary code background
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Am I Feeling Social Yet?
Responding to the theme, 'Data Goldmine', Crawford's image explores the influx of social networking data, and the gulf of profiles and content that exist online. This piece hints at a desire to achieve somewhat of a social utopia, one that can only exist digitally.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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Inspired by the prompt 'Unfinished', Crawford's digital imagery depicts uncertainty in progression in a digital world, glitching at a point rendering the system unfinished.
Inspired by Unfinished
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joy.jpg is a piece inspired by the Vaporwave movement and early internet culture. Responding to the theme of Joy, Crawford's work presents a window into a somewhat idyllic and utopian existence online.
Inspired by Joy
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The Blue One
Distortion of the piece Sunday Rain. This work was created by taking the original piece and altering it using applications.
Inspired by Sunday Rain
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