22 year old electronic music producer from Norway.

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Falling into the same cycles I guess is what inspired the track. The photo is ridiculously beautiful and I tried to keep it "soft" and clean for the most part in my track. This track will likely be released in the future as I enjoyed making it very much. Also, ignore the thumbnail, Im...
Inspired by Remembering
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Not that I´m sad, but while writing this track I had a strong sense of longing for something.
Inspired by Sadness
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Rainy Summer
Wanted to create a track using a bit of foley while also being relatively simple and calming.
Inspired by Frozen Web
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This project started off with a very different idea in mind - To make something dark and "deep" sounding, using delay and reverb to make it sound like it was far underwater but the song changed course multiple times throughout and ended up with a more relaxed, happy vibe.
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