23 year old electronic music producer from Norway.

If you like my work, it might show up here later on:

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Long Forgotten...
I wanted to write a piece about this, but couldn't get it right in my electronic stuff, so here goes on piano. I popped my own work because it reminded me of an period earlier this year. I had chosen to stay at home during easter instead of travelling back to my hometown, but just after the...
Inspired by Home
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The Bird
Finally had to make something in response to one of my favourite works from Monique. I made this by first improvising a 15 minute long piano track, and then taking bits and pieces and putting it into a more structured format.
Inspired by My foggy world
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The picture reminded me of my own bus trips home to Molde, where I'm originally from - 5 hours of listening to music and watching the norwegian landscape. I've been writing a lot of "classical" piano pieces lately and I've been improving a lot I believe. One of my side goals is to make...
Inspired by Home
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Probably the saddest piece I´ve ever written. Inspired by "Layers of Loneliness", I tried to write a piano composition in the mellow style of Erik Satie while incorporating various ambience elements - some of them are from how I imagined they would sound in the video. In many ways...
Inspired by Layers of...
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The work I´m inspired by is titled "Warm Foothills" but the picture itself reminded me of the times I walked through the forest near my childhood home, at night, in the rain. Its blissful, sombre and scary at the same time, if that makes sense. A bit more on this piece: Its...
Inspired by Warm foothills
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"Forvillet" is a (mostly) improvised piano piece inspired by Monique´s beautiful artwork, where I have played around with different kinds of effects to create the soundscape and ambience in the background. I try to give a kind of "lost, but not hopelessly so"-kind of...
Inspired by Little Red...
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Uncertain Spaces
A weird piece for a weird artwork. Its both dark and happy. The lead melody in my piece and the arpeggiated electric piano stands in contrast to the dark basses and the weird drums.
Inspired by ...
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lat som
Part 3 of this series.
Inspired by ikke tro
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ikke tro
Ikke tro du... Dans for galleriet! Deviating a bit from my usual style as I was feeling a more.. weird mood. Hope I didn't scare anyone - Its a bit loud. There is a lot of strange stories and meanings in both "jeg og" and "ikke tro" but as always - Its open for interpretation!
Inspired by jeg og
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jeg og
Its a bit out there.
Inspired by Untitled
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I Miss You
Life goes on, I guess. Dont be so shy... :) Used a variation of foley, lots of reverb and delay + some gitar recording and chopping to create this.
Inspired by In the...
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Sitting late at night looking at dark pictures results in.. well.. dark music. Abyss. I was wondering about naming it something a bit more descriptive. But I´ll let everyone else interpret it. Let me know this piece made you feel!
Inspired by Open Water
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Never Went
The track I´m popping (I made it) will probably not amount to much as I listen back to it, but I got to venture into different art forms because of it, which is nice :) (Its a composition of 3 images with filters on it, I did not draw/paint this )
Inspired by Sailing
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This is a bit different from my usual style, but in many ways similar. Tried putting a very "open" vibe to the track. Looking forward to see how different people interpret this track! To me, while making it and while listening back to it, its both hopeful and sad, chaotic and soothing.
Inspired by Nameless...
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The picture I´ve taken inspiration from is perfect, this track isnt ;) Made almost like a stream of conciseness-track, trying to capture the emotion of loneliness and the over-thinking that might accompany that, as the chaotic arp is representative for. Also tried including that park...
Inspired by abandoned
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Had this feeling today, so I thought I´d write a short track about it.
Inspired by Why am I not...
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Falling into the same cycles I guess is what inspired the track. The photo is ridiculously beautiful and I tried to keep it "soft" and clean for the most part in my track. This track will likely be released in the future as I enjoyed making it very much. Also, ignore the thumbnail, Im...
Inspired by Remembering
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Not that I´m sad, but while writing this track I had a strong sense of longing for something.
Inspired by Sadness
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Rainy Summer
Wanted to create a track using a bit of foley while also being relatively simple and calming.
Inspired by Frozen Web
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This project started off with a very different idea in mind - To make something dark and "deep" sounding, using delay and reverb to make it sound like it was far underwater but the song changed course multiple times throughout and ended up with a more relaxed, happy vibe.
Inspired by Kaleidoscopic...
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