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I am a musician, photographer, poet and film maker.
I live on the edge of the Welsh valleys and the Brecon Beacons.
My influences are many and highly diverse from Terry Riley to Captain Beefheart, The Beatles, Dave Steer, Stockhousen, Tom and Jerry cartoons, finding beauty in shit and everyday life.
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Hub of Life
This is in my back garden it looked pretty and is rusty so I felt it was a good response to The Beauty of Rust. That's it really. it just looks pretty so I took the photo'.
Inspired by The Beauty of...
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A good friend who we had known for a very long time died the other day so I was looking for something to kickstart a poem for him. To me the birds symbolise the freedom that death brings and this was a poem written in about three or four minutes inspired by those birds in Division. Two words were...
Inspired by Division
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Not Caring is Chicken.
I was inspired not by the picture but by the There is no Planet B thumbnail. I had to select optimism because that was the closest thing to HOPE I could find which was the REAL mood/ emotion I wanted to put across The idea behind this is to show that yes there is no planet B so we should do what...
Inspired by Concept Sketch
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