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"On the way to Blue...
Back to my montages with small figures. Creation surrealistic environment.
Inspired by They go...
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"Against all"
#inventionaward Behind my creation of photos from sculptures, this one is focus and inspired by the artwork from Frederic Belaubre. Why ? In my creation I am focus on the World in the present . It could be because I'm very concerned with all the games of politic on the World, for sure everybody...
Inspired by Street protest
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"Together we are...
This photo is part of a series of photos I'm doing with small figures and a crystal ball. My intention and focus is create histories and the subject Union it was coming , what I could say in the right time as one of my intentions it was create something about us and how we act in the present World....
Inspired by Union
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Right time
In the core of our World there is people living, they are only waiting for the right time to come up. This is one of the possibilities in create animation, only need to make a few more photos, my focus is on create like a history.
Inspired by Revolution
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"Blue dream"
From one sculpture it becomes the Blue Dream, playing with light. When I made the sculpture I was thinking in give more to the sculpture, not only the object for decoration, something more visible with the vast possibility of multiplication. It was what make me decide to create this kind of photos.
Inspired by Castanea
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"ONE for all, all...
As we all know water is one off the most important matters in the world, could bring happiness and joy, sadly in the future perhaps water will only for a few, but that is the World where we live. In this work I try to symbolize what water could do such as bring happiness a motive for party. Bless...
Inspired by One Drinks...
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This painting is part of my memories from places where I was, this one it's a small space of sand, in Portugal in the way to Algarve, almost between Lisbon. At dawn sometimes at the end off August you get fantastic and beautiful colours at the sky.
Inspired by Tropical
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Human Fragmentation
Fragmentation induced by human activity cause wider and permanent effects. Landscapes are changed into roads, crop areas or housing areas, this impedes that lots of the resources, like nutrients, living space or water, reach the different fauna and flora, complicating their possibilities of...
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"The next step"
This drawing it shows my anger and a surrealistic guess from what it could happen in a World of fanaticism and Money. The world where everybody wants to live, but it seems that not in the moment when you look to all happenings in the present.
Inspired by The Manchester...
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That's enough
This drawing it's the Surrealistic way, in how I see the World in the moment, there are only money interests (Oil) and others situations provoke that the World, yes it could be call "Cruel World". Our human values are disappearing.
Inspired by Cruel World
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A lovely end of the day at Felixstowe
Inspired by Tranquil
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Shining and powerfull
While walking at Shotley, the moment make all
Inspired by Water
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Portrait of sadness
Art is the better way to describe our state of mind.
Inspired by Sadness
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" In...
" In deformation" It is the way I see the World in the moment, as you know the human kind since a few years is on the way to destroy the World. An example 30% of the Lung from Earth (Amazon) is completely destroyed to become Beton jungle, Also all the motifs around the world with politics...
Inspired by What Can You...
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" Wing of...
Silver Necklace inspired by pop a product
Inspired by Boiling Brain
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Photo made in collaboration with Michelle Bowden and Karis Lambert . 4 second exposure using movement.
Inspired by What Can You...
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The movement of ink turning the paper upside down, upside up and etc
Inspired by What Can You...
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"EU...rope is...
About Europe is something interesting to talk but after a few minutes talking you reach the sense.....We only have to keep doing our life nothing matters you and your Family after all,,, keep fighting for your rights.
Inspired by #EuropeEdition
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In the right position
The excitement in see such a beautiful formation in isolation
Inspired by Isolation
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The mystery of trees, searching always the traces from the World
Inspired by Wood
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" Obscured by...
Inspired by Into the...
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Wing of freedom
Silver necklace in Silver, with the concept of freedom
Inspired by Metal
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" Anatomy of...
Abstract art always describe perhaps your emotions feelings or even what's happen to you in a weird way
Inspired by Unfinished
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" The Lac "
Made only for the 10 minutes challenge, but it was a quite good and relaxing 10 minutes
Inspired by 10 Minute...
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From where we come Transition will become Metamorphose, but that will be behind your reality or your imagination
Inspired by Transition
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Corrosion under...
Metamorphosis into a tree. A fall, into the state of nature. The spirit the human essence, hides, buried in the natural object
Inspired by Transition
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" The power of...
With all the energy that our world has . Nothing prevented the organic growth , not a concrete jungle.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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As a wind in the forest
Short movie made while walking to my studio, inspired by the powerful sound, energy you can feel around you.
Inspired by Into the...
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The End
Photograph created at a friend's barbeque, spontaneous and energetic capture perfectly reflecting the essence of the fire element.
Inspired by Fire
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These three photos have been made under the process of evolution from the weather. It is a sheet of metal, I had let in the outdoors through the night, and when I wake up it was very interesting and give me such a lot of ideas to work around
Inspired by Metal
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Silver necklace Inspired by the evolution of the Metal and also the metamorphose involved in the development
Inspired by Metal
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Metamorphose under...
The time when we are becoming part of Nature
Inspired by Metal
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