Steve Taylor
Creativity and Imagination are the Key Elements in my Art.

In my work, I deconstruct the imagination, to show the elements of what’s real, and what’s not; taking inspirations from my childhood and adult memories and my focused context is my exploration between reality and fantasy in my subject matters.

Media and Techniques:
Painting, Drawing, Photography and Graphic Design
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The Lost Ruins
This sketch feature the ruins of the abbey church in Abbey Gardens, Bury St. Edmunds, which I went to visit many times throughout my last summer break. Seeing the subject matter and sketching it brings and represent memories and it makes me and the viewers, feeling “lost”; seeing the...
Inspired by High above the...
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The Ghost of Christchurch
“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” Taken from the words of Alfred Stieglitz, who served as an inspiration for this black and white invert photograph. The haunted photo was taken at Christchurch Mansion, and took a picture of my friend...
Inspired by All the...
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Songs from the Wood
For my studies behind the painting, I have specialise in recording the images I see in my mind's eye when hearing music, which suggests the element of 'taking soundings' in relatively unexplored artistic territory. In the subject matter, I picture myself being in my own fantasy world, by being in...
Inspired by Field of Sound
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Fire Burns Below
The fire is a sign to danger, and danger is everywhere. The painting feature the dying trees and the hopeless buildings being surrounded by the abstract flame, inspired by the events of fires destroying nature all around the world. My takes on the subject is showing my critical view towards the...
Inspired by Fire
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Late for the Sky
“Is that all we see or seem but a dream within a dream?" It’s the Edgar Allan Poe quote that represent the inspiration of this painting, understanding the context between your dream and your illusion. The subject matter of the black trees and the multi-blue sky shown something...
Inspired by Mythical...
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The Epping Night Forest
The paintings feature the black forest, with its multi-colour sky, and the added acid-like green for the field. My study behind these paintings takes a critical view of the definition of the economic and the philosophical terms between the world of Landscape, and the outta world of Space. Solitude...
Inspired by Two Planets
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