Holly Gardner
I am a multimedia performance artist from London. I make a lot of pieces combining movement, soundscapes and film to be projected in a live performance. I tend to be influenced by artists who are involved in interdisciplinary and collaborative practice such as William Kentridge, Jonah Bokaer, Yvonne Rainer, Phillip Glass and Steve Reich.

I am always looking to find new ways of interacting with the audience and challenging their pre-conceived ideas of what performance in a gallery space can be!
Joined December 2016
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To Anymore
This is a documentation of a recent performance I directed and composed at Middlesex University. I created a video installation including large projections videos of moving landscapes filmed in a variety of locations around Europe from my travels in the summer. I have fixed moments from this...
Inspired by Transition
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ON SET is an experimental painting and music performance that requires the participating of the listeners in the space. It is the chance for the audience to paint in the space in response to the music - eventually creating an accumulation of forms, shapes and colours in the space that also inform...
Inspired by Transition
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