andreea andrei
I studied film directing in Bucharest for two years and took a year off from finishing my studies in filmmaking.
I'm currently attending some short courses at National Film and Television School (NFTS) in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire, my specialization it will be directing the short film.

About my artistic influences I can say that I'm influenced by many other great artists. My favorite it's Stanley Kubrick in film and Helmut Newton in photography.
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Girl in a red dress
I photographed this red dress last year in Bucharest. It's a dress made by Isabelle Vijiiac and model was the late Raluca Rosu.
Inspired by Human
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Chiara in Peckham Levels
I photographed Chiara in a lovely chilled saturday. We went to Peckham Levels in London.
Inspired by Human
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My first Polaroid.
This is the first Polaroid I took when I moved to Uk. It was my first time going by myself in London and taking the tube was a scary thing for me. Coming from a town like Bucharest, where we have 4 lines at the tube. This was a huge step. It was a new beginning as well for me to go and see Annie's...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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A new beginning with my...
"My work has been about making a record of my life that no one can revise. I photograph myself in times of trouble or change in order to find the ground to stand on in the change. I was coming out of a melancholic phase. This was taken when I was traveling extensively, on the road from hotel...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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Lovers look a like
The union of couples
Inspired by Union
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la douleur exquise
"la douleur exquise the exquisite pain of wanting someone that you know you can never have, and knowing that you will still try to be with them. has drug like effects."
Inspired by Nameless...
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Working hands
I've photographed my grandmother when she was making some food preparation. In a way we can't live without our parents or grand parents and all we can do is make a memory of that person to have it for ever
Inspired by Human
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I've done this shot in september when I went back home in Bucharest. I was with one of my friends .
Inspired by Human
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Lost in translation
In the awake of Brexit, I made this portrait that inspired me from the romanian folklore. This is a traditional romanian mask used for scarring bad spirits away on new years eve. After the Brexit decision in 2016, as a european citizen I don't know how this vote will impact me or my creative life...
Inspired by Selfportrait
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The intruder
I made this selfie in Calais, France this July. We where walking down the cliff when there where panels made with different type of art by different artists. It was made in the waking of the Brexit.
Inspired by Passersby
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Model : Raluca Rosu Dress : Atelier Isabelle Vijiiac Make up : Anteea Tocai Photo assistant : Alexandra Predescu
Inspired by Human
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Coco Chanel
Model : Raluca Rosu Dress : Atelier Isabelle Vijiiac Make up : Anteea Tocai Photo assistant : Alexandra Predescu
Inspired by Human
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Polaroid Project.Instant...
We are sucked in by social media, internet and smartphones. We forgot how a real analogue photography looks or smells like and how many emotions we can live, how many memories we can recall from a physical photograph, now we just poses huge stocks of digital memories, which may disappear in the...
Inspired by The Ghost in...
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