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Colombian Blood
A few days ago the Colombian people voted in a referendum and rejected a negotiated peace agreement that would have stopped a conflict with the F.A.R.C. guerrilla group that the country has endured for over 50 years. The war has left millions of victims all over Colombia. The government...
Inspired by Revolution
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Shredded Pieces
This work is in response to the sound track created by Kiss The Beauty who suggested a horror film when describing his track “Shredded”. I felt that the sound was an attack, with lots of fragments bombarding me. The resultant painting, “Shredded Pieces”, was created with...
Inspired by SHREDDED
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The piece is a frustrated attempt at a self-portrait in oil on a gloss paint skin. I first created a skin of gloss paint upon which I intended to paint a self-portrait. After several attempts, my inspiration was lacking. Releasing my frustration by angrily crumpling the two paper-like paint skins,...
Inspired by Anger
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