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A selection of multi-media work from the Pop My Mind community themed on the SELF PORTRAIT: how artists reflect upon their own lives and identities through their unique mediums. Curated by Karis Lambert.

Image created on the scanner, layered paint, make up. NO EYES, NO SOUL TO LOOK AT. Digital soul, representation of my own identity on the social media.
Inspired by Ella
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As I grow older, the things that bothered me about myself suddenly became my Merit Badges. We are our own road maps. We should honor and be proud of that fact. I am.
Inspired by Self
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Speaking Silence
This film is a very personal investigation of the mental health problems that I developed when dealing with physical disability. The imagery expresses more than I ever could in words about the torment of being trapped in a body that is effectively a prison, enforcing an isolation that was an...
Inspired by Let's Talk
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Had this feeling today, so I thought I´d write a short track about it.
Inspired by Why am I not...
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Self Portrait
This piece is hopefully going to be the start of a series of portraits using water as the main element in each painting. Water to me is healing, in the past I've painted a portrait of my hands and another self portrait where water is present.
Inspired by Healing
1 5 2
Shattered Dreams
The original piece of work, a pot, was made with plaster and scrim; then decorated with ink. It was then thrown to the floor to symbolise and express my frustration at an unsatisfactory grade. I then photographed the damaged pot. When I looked at Cárcel by Alvaro Sanchez, I saw a...
Inspired by Niji #4
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being human is viewing and appreciating the human body as a object of beauty
Inspired by Human
2 2 2
'Brother' represents the mounting responsibilities in post university life, but also hope that they are completely manageable. The inspiration for this piece came when I realised that I don't miss being in full time education. Although I met amazing people and enjoyed my course, I was crippled by...
Inspired by Self
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Time & again
A painting inspired by the frustrations I've experienced in my personal life and how I manage to rise above it all. A mixture of dark and bright, this painting explores the duality of my daily motions. This work is part of The Molecular Series.
Inspired by Self
1 2 1
What we search for
This piece of work looks at the many layers of the subconsciousness revealing the layers that build up my personality
Inspired by Self
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Reflection and identity
Inspired by Self
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Fragile Tower Animation
I was attracted to Sam's still image, as there appears to be a clear narrative there already. I wanted to animate the image and create some kind of accompanying audio, but thought I'd show off the moving image, as is, before working on the audio.
Inspired by The Fragile...
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Oil on paper.
Inspired by Fear
2 10 0
First Attempt of a work in progress about what is it to be a woman-mother-artist and its difficulty. The work is thread stitch on fabric depicting a phrase of Guerilla Girls' work "Advantages of being a woman artist"
Inspired by 10 Minute...
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New Reactions

Tree Nymph Butterfly
A watercolour piece of a butterfly's life cycle in response to the 'New Beginnings' theme. The butterfly flutters from it's chrysalis, starting its new life. La vita è breve e l'arte è lungo- Life is short, but art endures
Inspired by New Beginnings
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There are many casualties left in the wake of the struggle to be beautiful to others.
Inspired by Beautiful
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Circle of Life
Life takes you through a rough ride, surprising you with another jolt and suddenly your in another direction and you don't recognise the person you have become. You process, you learn, you evolve. Self portrait - I have been using self portraits for years as a way to experiment with ideas and...
Inspired by Transfiguration
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Inspired by Speak into the...
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Tropical transitions
This is a fusion of three of Michelle Bowden's pieces of work titled Tropical Expression 1,2 & 3 which I have taken and layered together and remixed into new blends and tones to create a new piece of work. Inspired by the beautiful colours and movement of Michelles original pieces I thought I...
Inspired by Tropical...
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Welcome AI
How long until AI or High Level Machine Intelligence outperforms humanity? This should take place within decades according to scientists and philosophers.
Inspired by DIGITAL SOUL
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This piece is in response to Munpook's Untitled03188 piece where ive taken the image and sliced it up and and layered it together and turned it into a moving glitched version of the original piece of work. This is my first experiment with visuals but something ill be experimenting again with....
Inspired by Untitled03188
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Give it a name
This is a still from the video created of Munpook's piece which I've flipped with some extra lines and I've tried to strip it back by using a lot of negative space to create a broken up feel of the overall piece. Creating two various takes on Munpooks piece, first with the digital video and now...
Inspired by Untitled03188
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The weather is getting warmer, life become softer.
Inspired by softness
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Inspired by 'Empty Spaces' showing the inner workings of an invention and how such different elements can create one image. Created using found footage to make an unnerving machine. Whilst compositing the image, I realised I had used only female body parts for the machine. I found it interesting...
Inspired by Empty spaces
0 3 2
acrylic o paper 41x29 cm
Inspired by Beautiful
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acrylic on paper 41x29 cm
Inspired by Beautiful
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Peacock Butterfly Life...
A series of images created in reaction to the idea of new beginnings, spring and the new year.
Inspired by New Beginnings
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Adult Attractive Beach...
Data extracted from search engine results, exploring the online categorization of beauty.
Inspired by Beautiful
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Beautiful Beauty Bloom...
Data extracted from search engine results, exploring the online categorization of beauty.
Inspired by Beautiful
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Woman Girl Lips Hair...
Data extracted from search engine results, exploring the online categorization of beauty.
Inspired by Beautiful
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What Pop My Mind is to me is something I have given quite a bit of thought to recently and for me it is the trigger that unlocks or releases a burst of creative energy. The inspiration unleashes something in my mind that is outside of a complete worded definition leaving room for interpretation...
Inspired by Pop My Mind...
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Human Nature
I was inspired by Michelle Bowdens tree made of figures and decided to use a similar idea, by creating a face out of nature.
Inspired by It Will Take...
0 3 6
Speak into the nght [...
This piece of artwork is the original piece of work to accompany the track by the same name.
Inspired by Untitled03186
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Speak into the night
This track is inspired by the overall glitched feeling of this piece of work by Munpook Lui. An original piece of music and artwork created in response to Munpook's piece
Inspired by Untitled03186
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Inspired by The Pop
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This call-out is now CLOSED. New year, new you, new opportunity! Pop another piece of work, or the theme of 'Formation', to be in with a chance of being exhibited in Norwich! All responses welcome, including film, creative writing and audio pieces. If you Pop another piece of work, please...
Inspired by The Pop
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This call-out is now CLOSED. Danielle Ash, Pop My Mind's Guest Curator, is selecting Pop My Mind creatives to exhibit work in the North West of England! Respond to the theme ‘Transition' by the 1st December 2016 to have a chance to be featured in the exhibition taking place in February 2017....
Inspired by The Pop
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This call-out is now CLOSED. Create work in response to the theme ‘Tropical’ in any medium for a paid prize! Deadline: midnight 31st July The theme We are looking for some stunning creative content in response to the theme ‘Tropical’. Think of paradise and take us...
Inspired by The Pop
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Invention Award 2.0
The Invention Award is an ongoing monthly bursary open to every Pop My Mind member. The challenge Simply react to someone else's piece of creativity on Pop My Mind in a bold, brave, creative way to be considered for this award! 1) Look around and be inspired by someone else's...
Inspired by The Pop
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In advance of the DanceEast performance ‘The Knot’ by Didy Veldman, we invite you to respond to the theme ‘Union’ to be part of a Pop My Mind group exhibition! The Theme We challenge you to create a new piece of work in any medium in response to ‘Union’ -...
Inspired by The Pop
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New Beginnings
We are delighted and excited to announce that our lovely Laurel, currently Creative Project Manager at PMM, is expecting her first baby with her husband Matt!! And we thought, what better to celebrate a new life in Pop My Mind than with a new opportunity! The Theme We’d love you to create a...
Inspired by The Pop
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We invite you to respond to the theme ‘Beautiful’ in order to have your work showcased in an exhibition this spring! The Theme We’d love you to submit a new piece of work exploring the concept of beauty. What does it mean to be beautiful? Does beauty have a gender? Does beauty...
Inspired by The Pop
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A thought or idea will be skewed by the environment & ecology into which it is introduced.
Inspired by Formation
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Finding Ones Self
Created digitally by layering an image of a drawing over a piece of wood found on a walk to Holywells. Escaping the everyday routine allows you to rediscover your passions, identity, your true self.
Inspired by Think Travel
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Crimes at the End of Days
"What do you do now?" includes a marked increase in crime rate- the end of the world is coming, so no one cares for the law any more. "Crimes at the End of Days" is a poem about a person just like this- a character who has spent a life living in crime, and is now determined to...
Inspired by What do you do...
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The Joy of Sunsets
I recently saw the most beautiful of sunsets. I was so inspired that I had to write about it. "The Joy of Sunsets" is the result.
Inspired by Joy
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