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A collection of works selected by members of the Pop My Mind community. This month’s guest curator is BZURMUSIC, winner of Curated Space March 2018, showcasing their favourite pieces from

A visual journal nostalgically viewing the past, and the fear of losing what you once had. It is made up of recordings I have taken over the past few years which happen to document my transition of my life in Nottingham to my life in Norwich.
Inspired by Fear: Dogura...
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Shades of childhood nostalgia, running through the "fields of wheat". A composition that serves to pinpoint that feeling and elaborate on it, with distorted crackles and melancholic keys scattered throughout. Art: The Drinking Boy - John Constable (1826)
Inspired by Change
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music-scape test a
Response to Gregor Anderson's piano piece, 'Comfort'. A work-in-progress video of 3D virtual shapes responding to peaks in sound, part coded, part drawn, part generative art.
Inspired by Comfort
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Eye catcher
Digital photo made from 3 layers, the eye, the Physalis and the frame.
Inspired by Eye 3
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Warm foothills
An alluring arrangement of pine trees caught my attention whilst biking in the woods. Looking through the viewfinder I could feel my eyes hopping from pine to pine, piecing the objects together in the delicate morning light to create a unified scene of tranquillity. I named the photograph after a...
Inspired by Formation
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Return drawing
I see this piece as an embodiment of all new possibilities and chances offered to us in our lives. Each line represents a new beginning which is a sine qua non of an ending too. I tried to capture and record the minute manifestations of movement in the train on my way to London and back. I had in...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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When making this piece I was thinking about both the New Beginnings theme and the Union theme and the ways that in nature for new life or new beginnings to occur often there must be a union, a fusion of elements occurs to create something new. I decided to represent this in an abstract way using...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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Dark Mood
I am inspired by Karis Lambert, Empty tension. This image is made out of 3 layers, by 2 layers I used ICM (Intentional Camera Movement).
Inspired by Empty Tension
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A photography series created with a long exposure and small aperture setting using a torch. I read myself to sleep most nights with the reading material affecting my dreams, this series depicts this end of day routine.
Inspired by What Can You...
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Tape My Mind
Full resolution video over here: I'm also giving away some of my audio manipulation tricks, if you're fast enough to see them! Mics used: AKG D112, D40 & C430; Se2000 Software used: Cubase 8; Padshop Pro; Kontakt; Battery Hardware used: Elgato HD60s Capture Card;...
Inspired by Pop a Product
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The Kiss
The image of Karis Lambert, Transfiguration and the image of T.M.A. Disconnected connections inspired me, The movement of the figures in both images are superb. For this image of kissing people I used intentional camera movement (ICM).
Inspired by Transfiguration
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A section of piano to add parts to , 114 bpm
Inspired by Chinese...
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Walking provides equilibrium for my mind and allows me a moment to reflect and decompress during busy times, this video’s base images document such a walk, where my inner self can be seen meditating in my favourite surroundings, at peace. It also reflects some texts I have read regarding...
Inspired by Creative...
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New Reactions

Heroic Fantasy Music
This was a piece I started writing years ago, which I chose to complete for the Fantasy, Myth & Folklore stimulus.
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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In the garden
When experimenting with a new filming technique, I realised how the garden seems like a different world and where a lot of folk lore and stories come from. The insects have a world and agenda of their own. The film technique is lense whacking which is when you hold a lense away from the body of...
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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People of Wonder
I liked the way "Beautiful" examined the beauty of humanity, as well as nature. "People of Wonder" takes a similar point of view regarding the greatness of humanity.
Inspired by Beautiful
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What is the half-life of your latest idea?
Inspired by Fusion
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Fear of Intimacy
I found the idea in "Full of blood, no sound emerging" of the emotions of love and horror co-existing with each other simultaneously to be a very relatable one. How many of us have felt love towards another human being, yet have been too scared to put ourselves out there? This forms the...
Inspired by full of blood,...
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a nest of its own kind
Belonging is the comfort of being watched by all the strange things that surround us.
Inspired by #ibelong18
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Escaping the frame.
Escaping the frame! I am inspired by a fantasy world. The rabbit escaping the narrowing picture, as in Alice in Wonderland.
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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Dear Diary
"This is what I did today and this is what it looked like" inspired me to think of a common human desire: to chronicle our lives in some way. Whether it's through public means, such as social media or artwork in any form, or through private methods, such as a diary, we all want to list...
Inspired by This is how I...
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House Cyanistes
The descripition of Bluetits as having ‘cobalt wings’ and being ‘natures flute’ just triggered something. I’ve been using Heraldry as a framework recently and this was the result.
Inspired by To the Birds
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The Warren Prince
Rabbits are woven into the folktales of many cultures. They are tricksters, symbols of fertility and luck, I tried to strip this back to a simple image, but the nature of the process means the path of the yarn is knotted and twists recording unseen information.
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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Coca Cola & Twitter...
I have put together a slightly tongue in cheek landscape using the wave lines from the Coca Cola logo, the twitter logo and a sunrise photograph that I took in Romania
Inspired by Hijack a Brand
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Coca Cola Landscape 1
I thought I would have a play with using the wave lines from beneath the coca cola logo to create something visually appealing and tranquil
Inspired by Hijack a Brand
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Eye Phone
Loved the idea of hijacking a brand and as a person who does a lot of outdoor field recording I have often had a recording spoilt by the irritation of the iphone ringtone! So what better why then to use this ringtone as the basis for a hijack! I had good fun making this.
Inspired by Hijack a Brand
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Lack of transparency may be an indicator of lack of integrity.
Inspired by Hijack a Brand
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Self portrait, created to reflect on obliviousness.
Inspired by #ibelong18
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Depression is a lonely place - some try to express their feelings to the world via social media - only to be swallowed up by the quagmire of others indifference to any world outside of their own.
Inspired by Speaking...
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I love the influence music can have on art. The video seeing both together was very cool. Thanks!
Inspired by Data Soni...
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3 stripes
This is a short visual cut up video of three different Adidas logos which is to represent the classic three stripes of Adidas.
Inspired by Hijack a Brand
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Society pressurises us to keep our inner pain a secret for to reveal it may put us 'on trial'...
Inspired by Listen up
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Where I End And You...
Julika's beautiful "(Dis)Embarking" and Sander's "Oslo On The Rocks" inspired focus on the water whilst waiting in the harbour. Reviewing the image afterwards brought to mind the lateral lyrics of Radiohead, "There's a gap in between There's a gap where we meet Where I...
Inspired by (Dis)Embarking
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This call-out is now CLOSED. Pop My Mind are working in collaboration with Just Bee to help SAVE THE BEES. Deadline: 28th August 2017 Midnight Did you know that 1/3 of all our fruit & veg produce is dependent on the pollination of bees? That includes, tangerines, strawberries, cucumbers...
Inspired by The Pop
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This call-out is now CLOSED. New year, new you, new opportunity! Pop another piece of work, or the theme of 'Formation', to be in with a chance of being exhibited in Norwich! All responses welcome, including film, creative writing and audio pieces. If you Pop another piece of work, please...
Inspired by The Pop
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This call-out is now CLOSED. Danielle Ash, Pop My Mind's Guest Curator, is selecting Pop My Mind creatives to exhibit work in the North West of England! Respond to the theme ‘Transition' by the 1st December 2016 to have a chance to be featured in the exhibition taking place in February 2017....
Inspired by The Pop
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This call-out is now CLOSED. Create work in response to the theme ‘Tropical’ in any medium for a paid prize! Deadline: midnight 31st July The theme We are looking for some stunning creative content in response to the theme ‘Tropical’. Think of paradise and take us...
Inspired by The Pop
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Invention Award 2.0
The Invention Award is an ongoing monthly bursary open to every Pop My Mind member. The challenge Simply react to someone else's piece of creativity on Pop My Mind in a bold, brave, creative way to be considered for this award! 1) Look around and be inspired by someone else's...
Inspired by The Pop
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Hijack a Brand
For this theme we want you to hijack a brand! It's entirely up to you how you interpret this challenge the most important thing is to have fun with it. You might decide you want to take some distinctive packaging or a logo and make it arty or pull apart a logo and adapt its features to make a...
Inspired by The Pop
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Fantasy, Myth &...
This time we our challenging you to create pieces based on fantasy, myth or folklore as chosen by members in the Pop My Mind Facebook page. It is a really broad theme with several options and interpretations so let your imagination be your guide!
Inspired by The Pop
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#ibelong18 Win the opportunity to have your work exhibited at the second PhotoEast photography festival 24 May - 24 June 2018. Submit a photographic response to the theme of Belonging & upload it in response to this call out. >>> The Reward <<< 3 responses will have their...
Inspired by The Pop
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It is not good to wake a...
"It is not good to wake a sleeping lion" - Sir Philip Sidney. This is a short video showing the process of a 3 minute edit of a photo I took at Colchester Zoo. To not wake a sleeping lion means to avoid creating a problem however sometimes we keep things on our chests and they haunt our...
Inspired by What Can You...
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A Girl In Love
A girl lost in thought, over love.
Inspired by Love I
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Blending Sea and Sky
On a clear day, you can see forever. Or that's what they tell me. I can see the perfect peace of an all enveloping blue. Changed in steps from tranquil sea to vast sky. I am enclosed in the magic of the moment, each wave washing over my consciousness pushing me towards the bliss of a summer...
Inspired by Water
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The little boy and a...
Japan is the country that has the highest incidence of earthquakes. However, with regard to the current nuclear disaster at the Fukushima, ongoing in Japan since March 2011, which cannot be utterly understood in spite of the fact that Japanese archipelago is located on very dangerous and...
Inspired by Chinese...
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