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A collection of works selected by members of the Pop My Mind community. This month’s guest curator is MUNPOOK LUI, winner of Curated Space July 2018, showcasing their favourite pieces from

Conversation between two...
two, intersected 3D data visualisations, the first taken from the 3 month scan of my daughter and the second from google map's image of our house - taken approximately 25 years apart.
Inspired by significance...
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Inspired by the colour green, I combined sewing and leaves adding to the natural beauty of the leaves.
Inspired by Green
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Speaking Silence
This film is a very personal investigation of the mental health problems that I developed when dealing with physical disability. The imagery expresses more than I ever could in words about the torment of being trapped in a body that is effectively a prison, enforcing an isolation that was an...
Inspired by Let's Talk
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Whisperers, Re-Whispered
Gregor Anderson's beautiful piano-piece re-imagined in a gltichy, almost hip-hop setting. Bit short maybe, might get around to finishing at some point.
Inspired by Whisperers
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A gitch
On and off
Inspired by She's just a...
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the internet
data model of the entire internet - a mesh of all connected major and minor routing points, processed and rendered through a visualiser then further post-processed to perhaps mimic the hot early universe.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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A short emotive piano piece in response to the paris attacks
Inspired by Defience
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Rhythmic Study
ink on paper 21x29 cm
Inspired by Union
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The combination of two images. One of a handmade face mask and the other image I created by painting with light, with the use of my camera. The manipulation has fragmented the mask, breaking down the barriers, which would usually conceal our emotions.
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The Revolution
I wanted to connect to mushrooms dance because with this work I was insspied by nature, although the action is about protection from social injustice. For this reason I made this Umbrella dress composed of 18 Automatic opening umbrellas.
Inspired by Mushroom dance
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A fellow artist's bald head, the result of chemotherapy for breast cancer, becomes the screen for projected images of war torn London; the ravaged London landscape, with resilient, fearless Londoners as a metaphor for fighting and beating cancer.
Inspired by music-scape...
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digital photograph
Inspired by Nostalgia...
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Rain is Beautiful: Slate
When I read Luke's work I was sitting indoors thinking great my first day off work and its miserable. I then read it and it switched my perspective. During the light shower of that afternoon I photographed raindrops on different surfaces in my garden. These images are made by overlaying multiple...
Inspired by Rain Outside
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How much are truth and reality refracted by beliefs and values? What happens as a result?
Inspired by Revolution
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New Reactions

River Guide
This poem was inspired by Tamzyn's piece "Taunting Me", along with my recent experience of the remarkable gondolas of Venice. The sense of tension and fear in "Taunting Me" really captured me. I could relate to that sense of horror and helplessness in the face of the open...
Inspired by Taunting Me
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“Symbiotic” explores how man and nature have a gestaltic relationship. The sculpture has a nod to surrealism and is a piece viewed 360 degrees so the viewer can see how the multiple parts merge and form new structures. Further it touches on evolution, genetics and change.
Inspired by Leaves
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A good friend who we had known for a very long time died the other day so I was looking for something to kickstart a poem for him. To me the birds symbolise the freedom that death brings and this was a poem written in about three or four minutes inspired by those birds in Division. Two words were...
Inspired by Division
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Not Caring is Chicken.
I was inspired not by the picture but by the There is no Planet B thumbnail. I had to select optimism because that was the closest thing to HOPE I could find which was the REAL mood/ emotion I wanted to put across The idea behind this is to show that yes there is no planet B so we should do what...
Inspired by Concept Sketch
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I was inspired by a watercolor from Rebecca Freeman. Her "Tranquil" watercolor is very beautiful and peaceful. Hatertse en Overasseltse Vennen is a serene quiet lake near Nijmegen. Sometimes I only hear the wind when I enjoy a hike near the lake, I enjoy the silence and I can enjoy...
Inspired by Tranquil
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Chinese Whispers
Piece of music inspired by the original Chinese Whispers seen on the platform. My intention was to keep it as straightforward as possible by using a pentatonic scale with repeated sections. Instrumentation enhances the Oriental sound keeping it relaxing hopefully.
Inspired by Chinese...
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Idem Quod
This is just an excerpt of a performance I made in Korea where I play a musical piece and on each note, from high to low pitch will knock out a soldier, showing the human condition of earth, where a dramatic end can have its space to unfold and vibrate in us.
Inspired by Comfort
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"Tribute to...
The creation of this monoprint it starts when I see the work from Lindsay Elise, I was inspired by the way she was using the abstract way to create the beautiful "Fusion", then I was starting to produce one monoprint as, it is where the ink suffer a fusion while you print, the colours...
Inspired by Fusion
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Dance Of Death from Leslie wright inspired me for my image the Boogie.
Inspired by Dance Of Death
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A concept that I came up with for a Polaroid advertisement utilizing the simple form of the smile and the classic Polaroid film to advertise and camera brand. This idea came from the smiley face emoji that sticks its tongue out. The automatic reaction when a camera comes out is to smile and this is...
Inspired by Hijack a Brand
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Acrylic painting part two
Hopefully only a coupe days left of painting before its finished. I really dislike paintings at this stage! Unfortunately the person who owns the wall I wanted to use isn't keen on street art, but I am scouting about for a new location, fingers crossed!
Inspired by Acrylic...
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Although this project was made in the context of the exhibition for Cley 18, I wanted to share with Pop My Mind what has literally been my biggest venture so far. The project took six months from start to finish and my standing next to the work gives you an idea of the scale. I usually work small...
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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Portrait of a Dadaist
I like the open honesty and minimalism of Hannah's photograph. It reminds me of Dadaist work that is at once fierce yet vulnerable. I tried to create that in an illustrated portrait.
Inspired by memory
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The Gift
Size is all relative. This is the largest piece of sculpture I have created. It stands at 160 cm tall x 66cm wide and 44cm across. I am exploring the home as self and how our childhood and adult homes reflect our psyche. The main character offer a gift, but be careful what you wish for, The...
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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The Gift
Size is all relative. This is the largest piece of sculpture I have created. It stands at 160 cm tall x 66cm wide and 44cm across. I am exploring the home as self and how our childhood and adult homes reflect our psyche. The main character offer a gift, but be careful what you wish for, The...
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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A minimalist piece of music based on a specific internal of a western scale. Though this interval can be quite angular, sections of this piece of music can sound quite melodic and calming. The piece lacks any sort of harmonic direction but seems to reach its natural conclusion at the end.
Inspired by music-scape...
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Construct no.16
Machine meets environment.
Inspired by Corrosion...
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House Husband
I am investigating the changing roles of men within the home. Here the male is the angel of the house, taking over the traditional female role.
Inspired by EGO: ...
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Apron I
I am investigating the roles we have within the home. I created this piece as a nod to how the male role has changed. My grandmother would use the expression "he's hanging off the apron strings" to describe a man that was either under the thumb or still tied to his mother.
Inspired by EGO: ...
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Jason Nunn inspired me with his beautiful image "Daydreamer". Also the " Blood moon" inspired me to make this image. My dream was when I see the 'Blood moon" then I have to make an image of an person staring over the water reflections and enjoy the moon and our amazing...
Inspired by Daydreamer
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Inspired by The Pop
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Invention Award 2.0
The Invention Award is an ongoing monthly bursary open to every Pop My Mind member. This award will conclude at the end of August, 2018. The challenge Simply react to someone else's piece of creativity on Pop My Mind in a bold, brave, creative way to be considered for this award! 1) Look around...
Inspired by The Pop
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The Complexity of an...
The Work here aims to engage its audience in the question of material as object, Looking at how we can create and generate experiences through complex imagery combinations forcing the eye to look at a specific texture, angle and material then sweeping you away from the comfort of knowing to showing...
Inspired by Found Objects
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A piece inspired by the Tropical theme.
Inspired by Tropical
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Blossom II
This piece is part of a series of prints I made in response to Fleeing/Fled. When I first encountered the photograph I felt that there was a sadness to the piece that could not be ignored, the lack of colour I found, to be a key to this sense of melancholy and I had the urge to respond...
Inspired by Fleeing / Fled
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Match Dot Com
I liked everything about "Missing Girls" and was drawn to the baby blue color. My intent was to express the horror of female trafficking but the painting took over and ended up serene.
Inspired by Missing Girls
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