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A collection of works selected by members of the Pop My Mind community. This month’s guest curator is ELLIE DAVISON ARCHER, winner of Curated Space May 2018, showcasing pieces based on the theme 'Presence and Absence' from

Sketchbook recordings, Norwich, September
Inspired by Twisted...
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paintings for memories.
Inspired by Edge of a Dream
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This is the third and final painting inspired by the music video by Lana Del Rey called 'Blue Jeans', the Leviathan images prompted me to return back to this subject. I was drawn to the expression of the subject, as at the time I was feeling lost and was contemplating what I wanted to do with life....
Inspired by Leviathan
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Body MOD
The body makes the human, the human makes the body. This is a new media collage print on 64x84cm fine art paper. I also want to wish the whole Pop My Mind team and community happy holidays! Have a creative one!
Inspired by Human
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// LOOKOUT // is a virtual reality experience placing the spectator inside the Isle of Skye Bothy which I discovered on a trip with Roseanne Ganley as part of Think Travel. The VR experience allows users to experience a simulation of an actual wild location on our coastline. >>Headphones are...
Inspired by Think Travel
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Life's Work
The first and last thing that anybody ever works on is themselves. You never stop growing and being altered by your experiences, creating an ever-changing work of art in a single human life.
Inspired by Unfinished
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Playing with a shadow
Inspired by In the...
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Polaroid Project.Instant...
We are sucked in by social media, internet and smartphones. We forgot how a real analogue photography looks or smells like and how many emotions we can live, how many memories we can recall from a physical photograph, now we just poses huge stocks of digital memories, which may disappear in the...
Inspired by The Ghost in...
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Just a look at micro-environments and their inhabitants. Started underfoot, with dirt, detritus and stones, and then moved upwards.
Inspired by Earth
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Inspired by Universal
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New Reactions

Call-center dream
paint with cardboard boxes
Inspired by Edge of a Dream
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(©)Riedstra ...
I love to go places, love the metro's and other public transport. Always with my camera, looking for and trying out spatial images. I think this one came out great and works quite well on a 28 or 32 inch screen. It gives you calm and space while probably getting worked up with whatever you are...
Inspired by Pop Your...
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Project Sneaking Birdies...
(©)Riedstra Photo-Video Project At the Berlin Zoo ‘Sneaking Birdies’ 2018 Directed by Riedstra Visual artist Netherlands Starring: Hungry Birdies coming from Nowhere Photographed on location: Zoo Berlin Germany 2015
Inspired by Underfoot
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Studio n.0
Every time I paint on the wall I am glad to find ongoing brand new shapes and inspirations
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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Break Free
I wanted to create an engaging piece/installation that brought my watercolours to life more. 'Break Free' contrasts the feeling of not being able to let your imagination fly, with feelings of bliss and happiness.
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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100% Just before the...
This painting is about people who moves beyond borders because of certain problems in their home towns, people who is trying to find a corner in the world, occupying all the empty spaces with their fullness.
Inspired by Profile Picture
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Pop My Mind, Pop My...
I took an abstract painting (with additional pen strokes) i had done and recycled it into this desktop related design. Zoomed in, cropped and layered with the PMM Logo. Editing the different layers on PhotoShop i then adapted the solid colour block of the logo to appear as the artwork beneath but...
Inspired by Pop Your...
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Chiron (Original)
The original illustration of Chiron, trainer of heroes.
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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In honor of Chiron, the wisest and justest of all the centaurs. He was the half brother of Zeus and was famous for teaching Greek legends such as Achilles, Heracles, Jason and Theseus.
Inspired by Fantasy, Myth...
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Probably the saddest piece I´ve ever written. Inspired by "Layers of Loneliness", I tried to write a piano composition in the mellow style of Erik Satie while incorporating various ambience elements - some of them are from how I imagined they would sound in the video. In many ways...
Inspired by Layers of...
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Window Art
This is a window art piece I created for the Travelling Man comic shop in Manchester. When they asked me to create it in the run-up to Small Press Day, I thought the opportunity would fit nicely in with Scale It Up as well, since I was trying something completely new and on a much larger scale than...
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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Pop Collage
I wanted to create a background which incorporated as much of the PMM community as it could. With this in mind, I created a collage of various works, (sorry if yours wasn't included - I did my best to get a variety of styles and disciplines!), in a way that wasn't intrusive as a background. So I...
Inspired by Pop Your...
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Mosaic Magic
Photographed in Philadelphia's Magic Garden. This photograph to me represents constant energy that flows all around, a beautiful mess that always shows you something different.
Inspired by I Dont Drink...
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The work I´m inspired by is titled "Warm Foothills" but the picture itself reminded me of the times I walked through the forest near my childhood home, at night, in the rain. Its blissful, sombre and scary at the same time, if that makes sense. A bit more on this piece: Its...
Inspired by Warm foothills
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Layers of loneliness
Video exploring the layers within a mind and how loneliness can sometimes be a hidden and buried emotion.
Inspired by Loneliness
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Skirt II
I was inspired by Twisted Composition 30M. I have been investigating the home as self and how our childhood homes reflect who we become as adults. I liked the confusion of the images within Twisted Composition and with my response I wanted to convey the confusion and roles we take on as we swing...
Inspired by Twisted...
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"Forvillet" is a (mostly) improvised piano piece inspired by Monique´s beautiful artwork, where I have played around with different kinds of effects to create the soundscape and ambience in the background. I try to give a kind of "lost, but not hopelessly so"-kind of...
Inspired by Little Red...
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Uncertain Spaces
A weird piece for a weird artwork. Its both dark and happy. The lead melody in my piece and the arpeggiated electric piano stands in contrast to the dark basses and the weird drums.
Inspired by ...
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Orange County Cuties
This oil painting is inspired by the hijack a brand theme. Original art inspired by is the brand... Tree Sweet Cuties. Orange County Cuties by Nora
Inspired by Hijack a Brand
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Construct no.13
The telephone dial pulses can be heard through the speaker which is also used to make the stones dance to the beat of the pulses.
Inspired by Untitled03214
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Invention Award 2.0
The Invention Award is an ongoing monthly bursary open to every Pop My Mind member. The challenge Simply react to someone else's piece of creativity on Pop My Mind in a bold, brave, creative way to be considered for this award! 1) Look around and be inspired by someone else's...
Inspired by The Pop
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Can you paint brilliant murals? Create engaging installations? Make sculptures that inspire? Bring poetry and digital art into the real world? Show Team Pop your creative potential – and win £300 along with greater consideration for the large-scale paid projects we offer to our...
Inspired by The Pop
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EGO: Masculinity and...
This is an exciting Open Call from Ben Driver (abitofquirk) please read details below of the work he is looking for and how to submit. BRIEF There are notions of masculinity which many of us find difficult to relate to. I want to explore how the individual defines masculinity and the male ego. To...
Inspired by The Pop
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Potato Flower Bee
The potato flower has been used to highlight the save the bees campaign using watercolour on paper. The process continued by using photography and photoshop to complete the digitally collaged image.
Inspired by Save the Bees...
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One Drink Series iiii
A still from the last stop motion video created from shadow play and hand written text digitally enhanced, inspired by the information available on the One drink company website along with colors influenced by the taste and smell of drinks.
Inspired by One Drinks...
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Whisperers, Re-Whispered
Gregor Anderson's beautiful piano-piece re-imagined in a gltichy, almost hip-hop setting. Bit short maybe, might get around to finishing at some point.
Inspired by Whisperers
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Gingerbread Feud
I was interested in the idea used in "Acting on Cruelty" of searching for forgiveness in an unforgiving world. This brutal tension I have addressed using a fierce spat between two gingerbread men.
Inspired by Acting On...
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