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A collection of works chosen by members of the Pop My Mind community. This month’s guest curator is MATLAKAS, winner of Curated Space January 2018, showcasing their favourite pieces from

Inspired by Self
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The Alter
The feeling given when viewing this work by Munpook Lui .
Inspired by ...
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The Silk Road
My track 'The Silk Road' is a long track based on mood and texture, as with a lot of my musical output its built up by layering the sounds, building up sound as if paint on a canvas. But this track I didn't want to make too dense, I wanted to leave spaces here for the sounds to breath and drift. I...
Inspired by Silk Road
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I'm going to quote Adam Riches from his work 'Trophies' as he sums up my thoughts exactly - "Im interested in the idea that we've become desensitised to images of death. How ever I do believe that our level of desensitisation differs, depending on who the bodies belong to" This work...
Inspired by Trophies.
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Fear Of No Lines
A simple design that coveys our fear of figures with little to no detail.
Inspired by Fear
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and never let go...
Just a song that makes you feel some kind of way...
Inspired by Love
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I wanted to express an idea of indetermination with little pauses between chords and fragments of melody
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Speaking Silence
This film is a very personal investigation of the mental health problems that I developed when dealing with physical disability. The imagery expresses more than I ever could in words about the torment of being trapped in a body that is effectively a prison, enforcing an isolation that was an...
Inspired by Let's Talk
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Plants and People
Inspired by the idea of personal human development featured in "Grow", I have considered another type of growth that can be seen in the world around us: the growth of plants and nature. "Plants and People" compares these two different, yet very similar, types of growth.
Inspired by Grow
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This is the sound
This track is inspired by the sound of summer and the world music scene which draws on everything from latin to cuban style rhythms along with jazz.
Inspired by Tropical
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The sound of fury
The sound of fury depicts the current political state, how it is fragmented, and how the media influences us to think a certain way, manipulating the truth.
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New Reactions

The Kiss
The image of Karis Lambert, Transfiguration and the image of T.M.A. Disconnected connections inspired me, The movement of the figures in both images are superb. For this image of kissing people I used intentional camera movement (ICM).
Inspired by Transfiguration
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My Body My Rules
I love the way T.M.A. has taken Karis' 'Transfiguration' piece to layer and distort her original manipulation. The implied conflict of change noted in T.M.A.'s description is something that also struck a cord with me. To explore this idea of a change or many changes in appearance as an individual i...
Inspired by Disconnected...
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Pathway to Paddling Pool
A slightly tongue-in-cheek Pop for your theme!!
Inspired by Recycle/Reinven...
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Narcissism Is Such An...
Aim for perfection and destroy yourself getting there -- Frederics piece inspired me to try something rougher, and try some different materials than I usually use. The outcome was, at the very least, interesting.
Inspired by Portrait
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New Beginnings
I created the image from layer using blending modes to modify and unify two images. One image is from a reworking of an previous piece of my work on the subject of beginnings and as the title explains 'Tracing the Everyday' and a recent image of an expectant couple. I wanted to settle both...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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On The Inside
We get told so often that beauty is on the inside, and then the world does it's best to remind us that it's on the outside. It's enough to tear you apart.
Inspired by Beautiful
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The Birth of Ipswich...
I was studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Suffolk ate the very beginning of the proposal for the new Arts Centre, formerly St Clements Church. I had my artwork exhibited there just before the launch evening.
Inspired by New Beginnings
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I was inspired by the digital image which game me a sense of dynamic and direction and that's why I responded to it with a picture of my performance Diagramer, where I perform the Kineastesia of the lines and traslate their motion in my own body.
Inspired by Behind the...
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The Revolution
I wanted to connect to mushrooms dance because with this work I was insspied by nature, although the action is about protection from social injustice. For this reason I made this Umbrella dress composed of 18 Automatic opening umbrellas.
Inspired by Mushroom dance
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Enhanced photography
This is an old picture I made near the Notre Dame, Paris. I like street photography of other artist, but not made by me. That is why I use ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) 😉 With PS CC I made the negative image!
Inspired by Recycle/Reinven...
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Love Hz
Union = Love Love = Union
Inspired by Union
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In Memoriam
"Lost and Found" inspired me to think of the people we love, who eventually depart this life. We feel like we've lost them. "In Memoriam" considers the memory of these lost loved ones, along with the hope that in some way, shape or form, we may be reunited in death. What would...
Inspired by Lost and Found
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New Beginnings
*I uploaded this on 14/3/18 but asked it to be deleted as there was an error with the image so hear it is agan...) I am also expecting a baby this year (but unlike Laurel this is my 2nd.) My daughter is due in June. Since the start of the year I thought how I have wanted to make a piece of music...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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Inspired by New Beginnings
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Inspired by New Beginnings
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Beauty can been seen everywhere we look. To me its highlighted in the human form and the natural environment that we live in.
Inspired by Beautiful
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Inspired by Her Puzzle
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Tunnel Vision
The ability to see beyond the problem is difficult when you perceive yourself to be part of it.
Inspired by Identity Glitch
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New Hope
Using Monique de Brock-Bol's original photograph 5 times allows me to create a new piece of work by experimenting with transparency. Using the layers to create a new perspective of the trees and adding in some found gestural markings which reminded me of the rings of a tree when its cut down.
Inspired by Hope
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Return drawing
I see this piece as an embodiment of all new possibilities and chances offered to us in our lives. Each line represents a new beginning which is a sine qua non of an ending too. I tried to capture and record the minute manifestations of movement in the train on my way to London and back. I had in...
Inspired by New Beginnings
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Inspired by The Pop
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This call-out is now CLOSED. New year, new you, new opportunity! Pop another piece of work, or the theme of 'Formation', to be in with a chance of being exhibited in Norwich! All responses welcome, including film, creative writing and audio pieces. If you Pop another piece of work, please...
Inspired by The Pop
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Inspired by The Pop
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Inspired by The Pop
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Invention Award 2.0
The Invention Award is an ongoing monthly bursary open to every Pop My Mind member. The challenge Simply react to someone else's piece of creativity on Pop My Mind in a bold, brave, creative way to be considered for this award! 1) Look around and be inspired by someone else's...
Inspired by The Pop
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Riedstra’s Video...
We challenge you to video yourself creating a new piece of work from scratch! This is a challenge brought to you from fellow PMM artist Riedstra who created the beautiful piece above. Create something wacky, surprising, clever, or just damn talented (we know you are, don’t be shy) and film...
Inspired by The Pop
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Just for fun we are inviting you to recycle or reinvent something, this could be an old piece of work that you think could be reworked in an interesting way, an old piece of furniture that needs a new arty lease on life or it could be simple household rubbish. We are looking forward to seeing...
Inspired by The Pop
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#ibelong18 Win the opportunity to have your work exhibited at the second PhotoEast photography festival 24 May - 24 June 2018. Submit a photographic response to the theme of Belonging & upload it in response to this call out. >>> The Reward <<< 3 responses will have their...
Inspired by The Pop
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The Heart-Based Wall
Rocks Before Time includes the rocks of a Cornwall beach. These rocks make me think of being blocked off from achieving our goals by physical obstacles in life (in this case, rocks), so I started to think of barriers which stand in our way in a metaphorical sense. This is what inspired The...
Inspired by Rocks before...
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Freedom of the open road
This piece was inspired by the "culture and diversity" challenge and is a visual portrayal of the relationship between the traveller and his, or her landscape and the endless freedom of the open road.
Inspired by Culture and...
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Score for sadness.
Responding to "It will all be fine" allowed me to be in the moment concentrating on the music being played. I like the repetitive notes and the occasional word. I listened to the piece three times and drew with my eyes closed each time using both hands. A graphic score slowly emerged...
Inspired by Itwillallbefine...
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Colourful Complexion
The work aims to explore colour and all its complexities focusing on the necessary elements needed to generate interesting and complex layering that forces the eye to look beyond the mere surface of its original intentions.
Inspired by Transition
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