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A collection of works selected by members of the Pop My Mind community. This month’s guest curator is MUNPOOK LUI, winner of Curated Space July 2018, showcasing their favourite pieces from

Conversation between two...
two, intersected 3D data visualisations, the first taken from the 3 month scan of my daughter and the second from google map's image of our house - taken approximately 25 years apart.
Inspired by significance...
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Inspired by the colour green, I combined sewing and leaves adding to the natural beauty of the leaves.
Inspired by Green
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Speaking Silence
This film is a very personal investigation of the mental health problems that I developed when dealing with physical disability. The imagery expresses more than I ever could in words about the torment of being trapped in a body that is effectively a prison, enforcing an isolation that was an...
Inspired by Let's Talk
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Whisperers, Re-Whispered
Gregor Anderson's beautiful piano-piece re-imagined in a gltichy, almost hip-hop setting. Bit short maybe, might get around to finishing at some point.
Inspired by Whisperers
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A gitch
On and off
Inspired by She's just a...
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the internet
data model of the entire internet - a mesh of all connected major and minor routing points, processed and rendered through a visualiser then further post-processed to perhaps mimic the hot early universe.
Inspired by Data Goldmine
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A short emotive piano piece in response to the paris attacks
Inspired by Defience
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Rhythmic Study
ink on paper 21x29 cm
Inspired by Union
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The combination of two images. One of a handmade face mask and the other image I created by painting with light, with the use of my camera. The manipulation has fragmented the mask, breaking down the barriers, which would usually conceal our emotions.
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The Revolution
I wanted to connect to mushrooms dance because with this work I was insspied by nature, although the action is about protection from social injustice. For this reason I made this Umbrella dress composed of 18 Automatic opening umbrellas.
Inspired by Mushroom dance
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A fellow artist's bald head, the result of chemotherapy for breast cancer, becomes the screen for projected images of war torn London; the ravaged London landscape, with resilient, fearless Londoners as a metaphor for fighting and beating cancer.
Inspired by music-scape...
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digital photograph
Inspired by Nostalgia...
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Rain is Beautiful: Slate
When I read Luke's work I was sitting indoors thinking great my first day off work and its miserable. I then read it and it switched my perspective. During the light shower of that afternoon I photographed raindrops on different surfaces in my garden. These images are made by overlaying multiple...
Inspired by Rain Outside
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How much are truth and reality refracted by beliefs and values? What happens as a result?
Inspired by Revolution
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New Reactions

Lost Resistance
Inspired by the textures of Adrians piece this work is all about the subtle textures that are in everyday life.
Inspired by the internet
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Words Have Meanings
We all have a different perception to words and what they mean here are a few words to think about what they mean to you.
Inspired by Perception
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Different Thoughts
This is a thought process on peoples perception of shape. Do you see a circle a square a rectangle or something else. We all perceive things differently and we all have our own perception of life and what we see
Inspired by Perception
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Learn to Love the...
The idea of reflections puts in my mind the sense of self-image. How do we view ourselves? How do we feel about ourselves? When we look at ourselves in the mirror, it can be all too easy to only see the mistakes, the flaws and all the things we dislike about ourselves. Maybe, we can learn to see...
Inspired by Reflective...
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Art on a train #9
Art on a train #9 is an evocation of the mental unrest of contemporary urban life. It personifies that inner goal of clarity whilst identifying with the unreasonableness of the expectation.
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Exploits (i)
Looking through the site and stumbling cross Laura's video collage made me think about how collaging was such a fun and surreal medium. For me it is really a medium of play and experimentation.
Inspired by Speaker
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The Bird
Finally had to make something in response to one of my favourite works from Monique. I made this by first improvising a 15 minute long piano track, and then taking bits and pieces and putting it into a more structured format.
Inspired by My foggy world
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The picture reminded me of my own bus trips home to Molde, where I'm originally from - 5 hours of listening to music and watching the norwegian landscape. I've been writing a lot of "classical" piano pieces lately and I've been improving a lot I believe. One of my side goals is to make...
Inspired by Home
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All thanks to our love
"Because Love", for me, inspires so many moving ideas surrounding love. Our love for other people, and their love for us, brings about so many wonderful things- deliriously happy times and heart-rending sad times. Both occasions are vital parts of human life- and as this poem states, it's...
Inspired by Because Love
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New life
I was inspired by the title of the poem from Luke Mayo. New life growing on a old tree stump.
Inspired by New Life, New...
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Skying I
Lindsay's image prompted me to point the phone out of the aeroplane window, where I became entranced by the dynamic between sky and sea.
Inspired by Opposition...
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Skying II
Lindsay's image prompted me to point the phone out of the aeroplane window, where I became entranced by the dynamic between sky and sea.
Inspired by Opposition...
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Time To Breath no 2
This is the second part of two pieces inspired by the Conditionality video.
Inspired by Conditionality
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Time To Breath
This is the first part of two pieces inspired by the Conditionality video.
Inspired by Conditionality
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A Fragile State of Mind
I was fascinated by "Unravelling" and its depiction of the fragility of the human mind. This poem portrays a similar sense of mental consternation.
Inspired by Unravelling
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Marvellous marbling
The joy of trying out this new media comforted me in the idea that letting go of control opens the door to creativity. I was transfixed by the ink's "decisiveness" of its own path. I allowed myself to use colours I don't normally use and enjoyed impacting on the outcome of the overall...
Inspired by Try Something...
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Create the Future
In response to "Tell Me The Future", this poem considers humanity's obsession with trying to predict the future. It would be much more practical and satisfying, would it not, to actively try and create that future? Take control of fate? Be the master of destiny? "Create the...
Inspired by Tell Me The...
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New Life, New Hope
In response to "Try Something New", this poem considers how frightening it can be to seek out new experiences. Sometimes we need the support of other people. When that support is given, pursuing new adventures can be approached in a different light. Other people can help us to be brave.
Inspired by Try Something...
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The evolution of the image of knives.
Inspired by People...
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Deception of Perception
Inspired by ideas of "Perception", this poem considers how often we can get it wrong regarding our perception of people around us. They project an image of joy which can so easily be faked, which masks the intense torment that beats fervently within them. That's what "Deception of...
Inspired by Perception
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A lot of my personal work explores the concept of perception, and how your own personal narrative of events can skew how you think and respond in certain situations. Our histories, backgrounds, the people we’ve met and the experiences we’ve been through all shape how we see the world in...
Inspired by The Pop
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Tell Me The Future
Recently in my personal practice I have been researching folk practices of divination, such as reading tea leaves, tarot, astrology, cartomancy and augury. At this time of change for Pop My Mind it seems a good idea to look to the future. I might not believe in the spirits or the reality of fortune...
Inspired by The Pop
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Try Something New!
As a team we decided that before the office closes down we should each post a challenge for you. I felt that as we are all moving on to try new things, that inviting you guys to try something new would be an appropriate challenge. This could be a media, a technique, even a new art-form or you...
Inspired by The Pop
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Reflective Reflections
Reflective Reflections Consider the nature of reflection: people often say art is a reflection of the artist, or a mirror held up to society. How can you explore the reflective nature of your creative practice? Maybe try something literal and work with image reversal, and repetition. We want to see...
Inspired by The Pop
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When I Sleep, My Mind...
The finished image from the piece I created for the 3 minute challenge
Inspired by When I Sleep,...
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by F
love the busy atmosphere at the harbor
Inspired by Think Travel
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Thoughts of You
Thoughts of You
Inspired by A Girl In Love
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This POP is based upon "Empty Spaces" constructed by Alvaro Sanchez. What drew me into it is a sense of Exile. An exile which is deeply rooted within the form of mine state which is resulted by the apathy of the world around me. I see increasingly i am growing alone vastly due to the void...
Inspired by Empty spaces
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