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A collection of works selected by members of the Pop My Mind community. This month’s guest curator is ELLIE DAVISON ARCHER, winner of Curated Space May 2018, showcasing pieces based on the theme 'Presence and Absence' from

Sketchbook recordings, Norwich, September
Inspired by Twisted...
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paintings for memories.
Inspired by Edge of a Dream
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This is the third and final painting inspired by the music video by Lana Del Rey called 'Blue Jeans', the Leviathan images prompted me to return back to this subject. I was drawn to the expression of the subject, as at the time I was feeling lost and was contemplating what I wanted to do with life....
Inspired by Leviathan
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Body MOD
The body makes the human, the human makes the body. This is a new media collage print on 64x84cm fine art paper. I also want to wish the whole Pop My Mind team and community happy holidays! Have a creative one!
Inspired by Human
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// LOOKOUT // is a virtual reality experience placing the spectator inside the Isle of Skye Bothy which I discovered on a trip with Roseanne Ganley as part of Think Travel. The VR experience allows users to experience a simulation of an actual wild location on our coastline. >>Headphones are...
Inspired by Think Travel
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Life's Work
The first and last thing that anybody ever works on is themselves. You never stop growing and being altered by your experiences, creating an ever-changing work of art in a single human life.
Inspired by Unfinished
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Playing with a shadow
Inspired by In the...
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Polaroid Project.Instant...
We are sucked in by social media, internet and smartphones. We forgot how a real analogue photography looks or smells like and how many emotions we can live, how many memories we can recall from a physical photograph, now we just poses huge stocks of digital memories, which may disappear in the...
Inspired by The Ghost in...
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Just a look at micro-environments and their inhabitants. Started underfoot, with dirt, detritus and stones, and then moved upwards.
Inspired by Earth
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Inspired by Universal
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New Reactions

The Adoration of Apollo...
I created this in response to Body Con which was a response to Human. I have been exploring the objects we have in our homes as decoration and how they link to the celebrity culture and body mods we see in the media. I have added body parts and created a new form.
Inspired by Body MOD
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Fear of the Foreigner
'Fear of the Foreigner' is a celebration of foreign species colonising areas that we have destroyed in Britain and becoming wild bastions to help bees, butterflies and birds repopulate the wastelands that 19th and 20th century industrial policy has created.
Inspired by Healing
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Interventions is the culmination of a year long project to explore how we have shaped our world. It aims to activate the love of the woodlands by threatening it with the prospect of housing. In the fear of loss, the love felt for the environment will be a value worth fighting for. This is a...
Inspired by Into the...
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One of a series of 6 drawings looking at interventions in my local Common, 'Fragmentation' looks at the effects of tarmac on the community of trees and the homes of animals.
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Usque Ad Finem
trans. - to the very end __ I've wanted to record more work for a long time, and this was the perfect opportunity. The process behind this started out far too planned, and I realised I was overthinking the piece too much. So I asked my partner to choose an album for me to work for the duration of,...
Inspired by Riedstra’...
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Out Run
This work is simply inspired by the beautiful colour and the bold geometric shape in Sarah Pooley's Red Flare piece of work. Only using the original photo and without adding any other images this visual is layered to create various tones and patterns made from the lines working against and with...
Inspired by Red Flare
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acrylic on canvas 145x88cm this painting is a part of a new ongoing series dedicated to elektromagnetic fields and the use of technology, it highlights the invisible hidden amongst us.
Inspired by DataFlow
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"Empty Souls" 1
Series of Linocut prints. "As soon as you're born you are , given a name, a number, a nationality and a race. You spend the rest of your live defending a fictional identity." Don't be afraid because we are not only Empty Souls, we have values and rights. This is only the way how I see the...
Inspired by Human
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>> LIQUID FUTURES << is a screenshot from a VR experience experimenting with scripting the water. The piece represents uncertainty and tensions in a post brexit landscape.
Inspired by SCALE IT UP
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Faded Thoughts
Faded Thoughts was inspired from the video Formal World by Drew Burrett. After pausing the video whenever there was a section that I liked I then took screen shots of those sections and then transferred all of those images over to photoshop to start to build them up and layer them together to...
Inspired by Formal World
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Life is.............?
Life is...........? The music of Fragile from Thaffy inspired me. Sometimes the world is upside down. The world is differently what we think we see and what is real?
Inspired by Fragile
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"Urak dakarrena,...
We are not eternal. "Urak dakarrena, urak drama / What comes with water, goes with water".
Inspired by Body MOD
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Finding parallels in human behavior and natural events, we are but a reflection....
Inspired by Eruptions,...
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Girl in a red dress
I photographed this red dress last year in Bucharest. It's a dress made by Isabelle Vijiiac and model was the late Raluca Rosu.
Inspired by Human
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Chiara in Peckham Levels
I photographed Chiara in a lovely chilled saturday. We went to Peckham Levels in London.
Inspired by Human
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On a different level
by F
Life is sometimes is like a chain, so rigid but we are free to express ourselves within and it is like moving on a different layer
Inspired by Human
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I immediately related to the theme of explosion through my drawing of sounds. Drawing music, in situ, at a concert or gig, creates an authentic experience that results in a very personal graphic score. These layered drawings were made in response to Jazz Unlimited performance at Sheringham Little...
Inspired by Eruptions,...
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Figuring out how exoplanets look like. 2018.
Inspired by ...
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" The lightness of...
"The lightness of movement", it was a work made before I see the artwork of Monika, but it's going through all the beauty of movement, whatever movement Is. Is always beautiful.
Inspired by moving
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Rain is Beautiful:...
When I read Luke's work I was sitting indoors thinking great my first day off work and its miserable. I then read it and it switched my perspective. During the light shower of that afternoon I photographed raindrops on different surfaces in my garden. These images are made by overlaying multiple...
Inspired by Rain Outside
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Inspired by The Pop
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Inspired by The Pop
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Here at Pop My Mind we’ve been playing around with some origami noise-makers. We are challenging you to download the blueprint and instructions so you can edit, draw, paint, collage or do anything else to redesign them. Go wild and let your creativity flow. Upload pictures or videos of the...
Inspired by The Pop
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Metamorphosis is based upon a Bengali Neo - Realistic film, The Mechanical Man, directed by Ritwik Ghatak, which talks about how the two world of existence collides and how humans and humanity are taking the shape and characteristics of Animal World and how Animals are metamorphosing into a...
Inspired by Poisonous...
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Summer of Seventeen Suns
Dreams of Asia. I moved to China 8 years ago today and left a year ago. I still feel a strong calling to go back. It will always feel like a second home. Samples on this were recorded on the streets of Shanghai.
Inspired by Taoist Hermit
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Time Release
This experimental soundscape is inspired by Ruth's Glimpse 101. taking inspiration from the broken up and flowing movement of her piece of work
Inspired by Glimpse 101
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Inspired by Aspect:Ratio
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