How It Works

What is Pop My Mind?

Pop My Mind is a curated online hub for artists of all disciplines.

Our community are challenged to produce new work in response to each other's work, making the hub a springboard for fresh ideas and dynamic creativity.

We then showcase this work and our artists in various real-world activities, such as exhibitions, live collaborations, screenings and exposure in our Publication.

Pop My Mind is keen to support exceptional emerging talent and encourage innovation within its artistic community.

What is a Pop?

A Pop is a brand-new piece of work that has been created in response to another piece of work on Pop My Mind.

The number of Pops tell you how many times your work has inspired brand-new content!

Who can use it?

Musicians, Film-makers, Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Dancers, Poets...

Whatever your art-form, Pop My Mind is the place for you.

What can you do?

Pop other artists' work.

Respond to seeded themes.

Gain access to real-world opportunities.

Win the invention award.

Become an outstanding contributor to PMM and be highlighted for our monthly staff pics.

Build an enticing profile page.

How can you join us?

Go to our registration page and send us some info about you and your work!