The British Art Show is a touring exhibition that provides a vital overview of the most exciting contemporary art prouduced in this country. This year, it tours the work of over 40 artists to four cities across the UK, including Norwich. Artists from British Art Show 8 have been invited to take part in Pop My Mind.

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British Art Show 8
Auditory Learning
Auditory Learning, Simpson and White’s contribution to British Art Show 8, is part of the artists’ ongoing project to distribute out-of-copyright archival material. Sourcing vinyl records of chart hits from 1962 – the artists have extracted 50,000 sounds to produce a ‘public...
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For British Art Show 8 Åbäke have constructed a fragile sculpture named Fatima from ex-voto body parts collected in the Portuguese town of the same name. Since 2009 Fatima has accompanied Åbäke on their travels, meeting people of different nationalities and professions in...
Inspired by The Pop
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