In this section words and expressions have the same meaning as those contained in Our Site Terms.

POPits enable You to earn money for the work You produce to specific briefs from businesses who are in need of creative content to help launch products, reach out to new clients, breakthrough on social media or use for general marketing purposes. We aim to provide opportunities which are worthwhile to the artists, are priced fairly, and are transparent about the involvement of the artist and the reward.

For the PMM Community, POPits operates on an opt in basis, so you only participate if you want to. 

Each time We find a new POPit opportunity We will notify the whole Community via email with details of the creative challenge, the commercial opportunity and deadlines for submitting Content. Every response to the POPit will be considered for the opportunity by Us. If You do submit work in response to a POPit You will be accepting the following terms:

  1. We have discretion whether or not to include your submitted Content on any shortlist presented to our client. If creating a shortlist, We will select and show works based on the following qualities: creativity in idea and execution, technical skill, and what best fits the brief.
  2. The specific terms of each POPit opportunity, including earning opportunities for You, will be published on the relevant area of Our website By submitting Content in response to a POPit You consent to the specific terms of the opportunity.
  3. Once you have uploaded Content in response to a POPit you cannot withdraw Your submission or Your consent to these terms or the specific terms of the opportunity. 
  4. You give us authority to negotiate the terms of under which Our client may use your submitted Content. This could be:
  • an outright sale of your Content, or
  • an exclusive licence to use Your Content, or
  • a non-exclusive licence to use Your Content.

A licence could be:

  • indefinite, or expire after a specific period of time, and/or
  • limited to particular applications or fields of use.

We will notify You at the first possible opportunity of the terms we agree with Our client. You agree that You will not have the right to object to the terms We agree, or to withdraw Your consent.

  1. If we are successful in licensing or selling your Content your rights to continue using and exploiting that Content may be limited depending on the licence arrangements agreed with Our client. We will contact you as soon as possible after granting a license to Your Content to explain the nature of the licence granted to Our client and what You can and cannot do in future as a result. 
  2. Any Content You submit in response to a POPit that is not used by Our client will be added to our Library. We will be free to license any of your Content in the Library without prior notice to you. We will notify you as soon as possible if we do licence any of Your Content in our Library.
  3. If You do not want us to licence any of Your Content that is in the Library, you must notify us by email to